Cllr McGeough: Closure of Dunleer BOI is ‘A Slap in the Face’

Sinn Féin Councillor Pearse McGeough has described the Bank of Ireland’s decision to close their branch in Dunleer as ‘a slap in the face to its customer in the area’.

Cllr McGeough said “Dunleer is progressive community with a strong industry base with a number of very successful community led initiatives that have worked hard to improve the quality of life for citizens and the loss of the Bank of Ireland branch in the area is a huge blow not only to those who reside in the village itself but also to the outlying surrounding areas.”

The Bank of Ireland announced the closure of 103 of its branches across Ireland with Dunleer the only branch in County Louth facing closure.

Cllr McGeough said “I am very concerned at this particular closure because it is the older people who are once again going to suffer. This pandemic has increased anxiety among our citizens and has highlighted the inequality in our society as businesses have been forced to go online while those who are not ‘tech savvy’ or ‘digitally minded’ have been left behind to fend for themselves.

“This is yet another example where big banks ‘assume’ that everyone has a computer, knows how to use a computer, has a sufficient level of literary or has adequate broadband in this rural area. This is a slap in the face for all those customers from the area that have been loyal for probably most of their lives and to make the decision in the middle of a Pandemic when people are already feeling isolated is unforgivable.”

“I am calling on the Bank of Ireland to reverse this decision and think again about the effect it would have on their customers in Dunleer.”

Jim Loughran Calls For ATM In Omeath

SF Jim Loughran 8Sinn Féin councillor Jim Loughran is calling on the Bank of Ireland to find an alternative site for an ATM bank machine in Omeath, Co Louth.

Councillor Loughran said, “Several weeks ago the Bank of Ireland ATM service in Omeath was withdrawn which has serious implications for businesses, locals and visitors to the area.

“While the post office offers a service it is not available at evening time, weekends and bank holidays.  I am contacting Bank of Ireland requesting that they seek an alternative site for an ATM to serve the growing population of Omeath and to facilitate visitors to the area as soon as possible. “