Young people of Louth failed by Mental Health services – SFRY

Sinn Fein Republican Youth have outlined their concern at the low figures of staffing in the Community Health Organisation of which Louth is a part, following the report published yesterday by UNICEF that saw youth suicide rates in Ireland ranking fourth highest in the EU. 


A spokesperson for SFRY said;

“A Vision for Change was a document that provided much hope for young people throughout this county; setting attainable benchmarks for the Government to reach regarding number of staff required to meet demand.


“Unfortunately in the CHO region for Louth only 57% of this figure has been realised. As of April there were 102 Child and Adolescent Mental Health staff employed in the region; with another 76 staff being required to fulfil the 178 recommended in Vision for Change. 


“I know I speak for the young people of Louth when I say we feel we have been utterly failed by the services in the area; not because of the staff who do fantastic work, but rather the unwillingness by this Government and the one that went before it.


“Having lost friends to suicide, and knowing so many others who have lost loved ones, it’s frightening to think that what is in effect an epidemic, can be left on the backburner. 


“Too many young lives are lost to suicide in Louth annually. We as young people must be protected by the services we require, and not be viewed as just another statistic in the local death notices.”


If anyone is feeling low or experiencing feelings of despair or thoughts which may lead to suicide, please phone one of the numbers below and speak to someone:


SOSAD  041 984 8754


Pieta House (Freephone) 1800 247 247

                     Text HELP to 51444


Samaritans  (Freephone) 116 123


Remember, you are not alone! 



Youth Group Sees an EU in Crisis Following Trip

youth-at-brusselsSpeaking on the back of a visit to last week by Sinn Féin Republican Youth – Louth to the European Parliament a spokesperson for the group stated:

“It was extremely interesting to see the functions of the European institutions and how they interact with each other. We were delighted to get such an experience.”

“Many things stood out to us as being positive but they may have been outweighed by indications the the EU as a whole is facing into a bleak time of turmoil.”

“The current EU climate is an unsettled one. In the wake of Bexit, the institutions in Brussels have had a wakeup call.”

“Couple that with both political unrest and the impending financial meltdown in Italy, the rise of the far right in both France and Austria, and most blatantly, the ever increasing inequality experienced by the majority of the seven-hundred or so million living in the EU.”

“It is quite evident that the EU is heading full speed for an ultimatum. The first option is to radically reform in a way that benefits the majority of its citizens. The second, that it must cease to exist as it has utterly failed.”

“Left-wing politics clearly has a responsibility in this regard. It must unite as one or face a dark period of unrest as splintered factions.”

Submitted by Stephen Todd. To read a fuller account of the visit please go to Stephen’s blog on – well worth a read and don’t forget to follow him for further blog updates on a wide range of issues.

Corrigan Welcomes Annual National Sinn Fein Republican Youth Congress to North Louth

Cllr Edel CorriganThis Sunday 1st February will see hundreds Sinn Féin members from all over Ireland come to the Carrickdale Hotel for 2015 Sinn Fein Republican Youth National Congress.

Speaking today in Dundalk, Cllr Edel Corrigan said “the unfortunate reality is that young people have been hit hard over the past number of years. The last five years have seen 165,300 young people emigrate and there are more than 10,000 less young people in work now compared with when this government took office.

“A wide range of important topics are set to be discussed at the event such as the Peace Process, Health and Education, Economy and Workers’ Rights, Youth and Social Affairs, LGBT and Culture. This is a wonderful forum for young people to have their say on issues and party policies that are important and relevant to them.”

There will be a number of speakers in attendance including MEP Matt Carthy and international speakers from Catalans, Basque Country and Palestine.

Corrigan concluded by saying “We have had a number of successful Sinn Féin youth events in Louth over the past number of years but this is set to be the largest gathering so far. It is clear that many younger people have a great interest and involvement in politics.

“I would like to wish all those involved every success and extend to them a warm welcome to Louth.”

Anyone wishing to become involved in local Sinn Fein Republican Youth are welcome to contact local Sinn Féin offices, website or facebook pages.

Louth SFRY Take To Streets To Raise Awareness For Epipens

P1020227On Saturday 5th July, 3 young people from Sinn Féin Republican Youth took to the streets of Dundalk with a petition to raise awareness about Epipens and anaphylaxis. Caoilbhfiona Morrow, Sophie McGinn and Oilibhéar Brady, all from Dundalk collected almost 200 signatures in the space of just ninety minutes.

Anaphylaxis is a severe and potentially fatal allergic reaction. It may start suddenly within seconds or minutes, or take a few hours to develop following contact with an allergen which is a substance that is capable of producing an allergic reaction. A severe anaphylactic reaction is sometimes known as anaphylactic shock. Anaphylaxis can cause the blood pressure to drop quickly, resulting in fainting or even sustained loss of consciousness. It can also cause severe breathing difficulties.

Oilibhéar explained that the reason they are helping out by collecting signatures is because we were “moved by the death Emma Sloan who died on O’Connell Street in Dublin because she had forgotten her EpiPen and her mother was refused one from a nearby chemist as she didn’t have Emma’s prescription with her.”

Emma Sloan was 14 years old when she died after mistakenly eating a peanut based satay sauce in a self service Chinese Buffet Restaurant in December 2013.

Grace Cawley with her dad Joe and big sister Rebecca

Grace Crawley with her dad Joe and big sister Rebecca

Caoilbhfiona and Sophie said how they “were amazed at just how many people were aware of EpiPens and recognised Emma’s picture and story. We met a number of people who actually carry them including one man (pictured) who was very conscious that he had forgotten his daughter Grace’s EpiPen today and could empathise with Emma’s mother. If we had easier access to EpiPens the way they do in other countries, Emma would still be here today.”

The USA, which is one of the most restrictive territories in the world when it comes to pharmaceutical availability, introduced ‘The School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act’ which was signed into US Law on November 13th 2013 after the death of  7-year-old Ammaria Johnson from Virginia, after she ate a nut in the school playground.

Sinn Féin have been pro-active in raising awareness of this issue at local and national level. In February this year, Councillor Edel Corrigan got a motion passed in Louth County Council calling on the HSE and Minister James Reilly to ‘ensure that legislation and codes of practice be put in place to ease the restrictions on the availability of Epinephrine auto injectors (commonly known as EpiPens) and other Anaphylaxis medicines.’

Following a series of PQs submitted by Gerry Adams TD on the subject, asking how many people in the 26 Counties were affected, the results were as follows:

epipens stats 1

epipens stats 2

                                                                                              (Figures from HSE)

Please bear in mind these figures are only available for those who took part in the Community Drug Schemes. Full statistics are not available.

Caoilbhfiona, Sophie and Oilibhéar collect signatures in Dundalk

Caoilbhfiona, Sophie and Oilibhéar collect signatures in Dundalk



JJ Quigley Welcomes Sinn Féin Document On Youth – Youth Matters: Not For Export!

sf JJ Quigley photoJJ Quigley, a Sinn Féin candidate in the upcoming local government elections has welcomed the launch of the Youth Matters: Not For Export! document addressing the problems facing the youth in Ireland today.

Quigley, who works with young people said “we hear from the FG/LAB government that the unemployment figure is down but the reality is that the only reason the figure is down is because of the numbers of young people leaving the country. When you couple that with schemes like JobBridge and Gateway which are nothing more than cheap labour, then of course the numbers are down. It is unacceptable that in the 21st Century there is a scheme that provides free labour to employers and that it is mandatory if you are unemployed. We need a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.”

JJ continued “when I am on the doorsteps it is heart breaking to hear mothers talking of their children emigrating through necessity, not choice. We in Sinn Féin are all about building communities, communities that young people can contribute to and be proud of. We need to give the youth their self-worth back. They are our future.

“There are a range of solutions contained within our Youth Matters: Not For Export! document and I would invite all interested parties to have a look.”


For full document please click –