Adams disappointment at lack of response from some Oireachtas members

Gerry Adams Traveller protestSinn Fein president and Louth TD Gerry Adams has reiterated his call for all Louth Oireachtas members to use their office to assist in rehoming the traveller families recently evicted from Woodland Park, Dundalk 

Speaking following a demonstration at Leinster house organised by the traveller families Teachta Adams said,

“Last week I organised a briefing for Oireachtas members on this eviction and I brought members of the evicted families to the Dáil to present their case.

“During that meeting I proposed that all Louth Oireachtas members would sign a joint letter to the Chief Executive of Louth County Council calling on her to urgently seek funding to upgrade Woodland Park and make it an emergency halting site.

“To date both Minister Ged Nash and Fergus O’Dowd TD have agreed.  Their assistance is most welcome.

To date Seamus Kirk TD, Senator Mary Moran, Senator Jim Darcy, and Peter Fitzpatrick TD have not got back to me. This is disappointing.

“Sinn Fein councillor Kevin Meenan has also tabled a motion supporting this proposition to go before Louth County Council’s monthly meeting on 15th February. I hope it is supported by the other councillors.

“Once again I am calling on the Chief Executive of Louth County Council to fulfil her legal obligation to provide accommodation for travellers.

“The easiest, quickest and most cost effective way to do this is by applying for funding from central government to make Woodland Park an emergency temporary halting site.”


Minister Kelly refuses to meet Gerry Adams on Louth Traveller evictions

IMG_6222_edited-1Sinn Féin Louth TD Gerry Adams this evening hosted a briefing in Leinster House for members of the Oireachtas by members of the Traveller community in Woodland Park who were evicted two weeks ago by Louth County Council.

Teachta Adams said:

“I asked the Minister to meet to discuss solutions to Traveller issues in Louth following the recent evictions by Louth County Council.

In his response to my request the Minister’s Private Secretary claims that the Minister has no ‘role in operational matters and the evictions at Woodlands’ and places the onus solely onto Louth County Council.

This is unacceptable. The Minister has a responsibility to ensure that there are structures and supports in place to assist Louth County Council to provide Traveller accommodation. This includes providing funding.

The Council has failed to do this and the Minister refuses to discuss it.

I have encouraged the Council to develop the Woodlands Park site as an emergency halting site.

This will provide a temporary solution and resolve the crisis until long term solutions are created.

Minister Kelly also has responsibility for Local government, which includes ensuring that Councils are fulfilling their responsibilities.

I believe that the Dundalk Traveller families have been treated shamefully by the Council and the Minister’s refusal compounds this.”

Evicted Dundalk Traveller families lose social welfare payments – Adams

DSC_3254_6510Sinn Féin Louth TD Gerry Adams has called on the Minister for Social Protection to “ensure that her department deal sympathetically and efficiently with the Traveller families who have been evicted from Woodland Park halting site in Dundalk”.

Teachta Adams said:

“The eviction of the 23 families and the 20 children is a cause of serious concern.

The last five families on the Woodland Park site are being evicted today and tomorrow morning  

Some have had to sell their mobile homes for small amounts of money because of the Council’s eviction process. This has added to the trauma for some.

Today I understand that some of those evicted from the site have had their social welfare payments stopped because they are no longer resident at the addresses they had given to the Social Welfare department. So families have suffered the indignity and trauma of eviction by the council and the state has now stopped their welfare payments.

The treatment of the Woodland Park families in this centenary year of the Proclamation has been deplorable.”