Tom Cunningham Calls For Visitors to Take Care in Clogherhead

The great weather we had this week culminated in crowds of visitors to the beautiful village of Clogherhead and its blue flag beach on Sunday.

Sinn Féin Cllr Tom Cunningham said “while I am delighted to welcome all visitors to the village and the Strand, I would ask that they be mindful of where they are parking. Sunday was a beautiful day but Clogherhead was like a car park in places where cars had been parked on double yellow lines, across entrances blocking residents and at road ends making it difficult for traffic to flow.”

Cllr Cunningham was concerned that “at this time of year there is an increase in those using pleasure crafts and using the sea in different ways. It is during these times that the lifeboat is more liable to be called out. However, with the beach entrance blocked, where the life boat is stationed as it was today, the crew stood little chance of being able to attend the lifeboat in a timely manner.”

Cllr Cunningham continued “furthermore, an ambulance would not have been able to access the beach nor indeed the surrounding houses should an emergency have arisen.”

Cllr Tom Cunningham who lives in Clogherhead said “I am asking visitors to come and enjoy the delights of our village but please respect the law, the residents, the lifeboat and the emergency services. There is car parking about five minutes walk from the beach situated beside the playground and doctors surgery which was hardly used today at all.”

“I will also be talking to the Council engineers about how we deal with this in the future. This will be challenging as it really only affects a few days of the year but I will be exploring the erection of temporary signage for those days. Let us all enjoy this great weather without any unfortunate incidents.”

Cllr Green: Traffic Disruption around Stapleton Place

Jennifer GreenCouncillor Jennifer Green is warning of major traffic disruption when the reconstruction and repairs to the Stapleton Road area go ahead.

Speaking today, Cllr Green said “the provisional dates for the road closure is 18th February until 26th February inclusive and will be closed to all vehicles. Local residents will be facilitated ‘as much as possible’ and of course Pedestrian access will continue. The knock-on effect of the closing of Stapleton Place is going to cause major disruption in the rest of the town. Stapleton Place is a busy thoroughfare for those accessing the Ardee road and Castleblayney Road and the flow of traffic can be heavy at times.”

Cllr Green also said “we now have the big Tesco shopping centre there at the bottom of Stapleton Place and that is a busy junction, with Stapleton Place closed to all vehicles, there will be a bottleneck at Hill Street/Dublin Street. I would ask that traffic avoid that area as much as possible for those nine days.”

Cllr Green has also contacted Louth County Council regarding the cost of these repairs especially coming so soon after Stapleton Place underwent reconstruction to make way for the cycle lanes.

Cllr Green at Stapleton Place in 2014

Cllr Green at Stapleton Place in 2014

Irish Cement to Take Questions Following Concerns Over Expansion

kenneth-floodFollowing a motion from Sinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood, Irish Cement officials are to attend a special meeting of LCC on 21st December to take questions from Louth’s Councillors on the planned extension of their plant and the increased use of “alternative fuels”, what-ever they may be, in their incinerators.

Commenting, Cllr Flood said,
“The Sinn Féin Team in Drogheda have listened to members of the public and environmental groups in South Louth who have expressed concerns over the extension to this plant. Some have expressed concerns over what they see as the lack of clear and verifiable information regarding this development and what will potentially be used as fuel in Irish Cements Incinerators. Others have expressed their concerns over how the emissions from the incinerators may impact on the air quality in the region.
We ourselves have concerns over the increased industrial traffic volume in the region as this extension would mean a fourfold increase in what is burned to 600,000 tons.

“I am still hopeful that the EPA will confirm their attendance at this meeting to answer queries on air and water quality monitoring in the region. However, I will be following up with them either way.”

If any members of the public would like to see their queries raised you can contact the SF Office on Narrow West Street, 9.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday