Cllr Tom Cunningham: Termonabbey and Aston Village Flooding ‘Avoidable’

Following the heavy rain last Monday residents of Aston Village and Termonabbey found themselves driving around and through a flood when exiting their estates.

Sinn Féin Councillor Tom Cunningham called the predicament ‘precarious’ and described it as having been ‘avoidable’.

Cllr Cunningham said “I notified Irish Water several weeks ago of the drains being blocked in the area stressing the urgency needed to get them cleared because of the adverse weather we have been having.

“Following the heavy rain on Monday, I contacted the Council following reports from local residents and then went to Aston Village. The road was flooded and the water was rising with nowhere to go. The drains obviously had not been cleared. Residents were

Cllr Tom Cunningham & Resident Kenneth Flood

finding it difficult accessing and exiting their estates.

“The Council staff arrived and immediately started work. I want to thank the Council workers who tended the area and for their quick response, it was an awful night to be out but the water started to clear and the road was eventually made passable.

“This was wholly avoidable if Irish Water had addressed my concerns weeks ago when it was first reported.”


Cllr Flood Warns of Bogus Callers in Termon Abbey Area

Sinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood has issued a warning to residents about a bogus caller claiming to be contracted by Louth County Council.

Cllr Flood, who is also Chairperson of the Drogheda Joint Policing Committee, said “I was contacted by residents in Termon Abbey about a man dressed in black, in his thirties,  claiming to be from Louth County Council. He called to their doors after 8pm on Wednesday and again on Friday afternoon claiming he needed to access their house as Louth County Council were going to replace their boilers”

Cllr Flood explained “the residents who contacted me were wary of him as these were privately owned houses and not local authority homes. He was fairly insistent that he needed to see the heating clock by the boiler as that was what he was going to replace.”

“Thankfully the residents I spoke to sent the man away, but others may not have been so lucky.  I contacted the director of services for housing to confirm if there were any Louth County Council contractors in Termon Abbey looking to replace boilers in private houses. He confirmed there were not.”

Kenneth Flood is warning residents of Termon Abbey and all surrounding areas that “this guy knocking doors in Termon Abbey is a bogus caller. Both I and Louth County Council have informed the Gardaí and they are investigating.”

The Drogheda Councillor is urging all residents “to take extra care when opening your door and please keep a particular eye on elderly or vulnerable neighbours who may be having work done. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, genuine tradesmen will be happy enough to answer any queries and identify themselves. If you have any doubts then please contact the organisation they say they are representing and they should be able to confirm if they have tradesmen working in the area.”

Cllr Flood Calls For Vigilance After Spate Of Thefts

Kenneth FloodSinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood has called for residents in the Termon Abbey area to be extra vigilant following a spate of thefts on Wednesday morning.

Three homes in the area had their gardens sheds broken into and items stolen. Cllr Flood explained how one homeowner caught the man in the act and challenged him. “When challenged, the thief bolted down the side entrance with tins of paint which he had removed from the home-owners garden shed. She called the Guards and again challenged him and he told her he was a painter and had got the wrong house. Although he didn’t explain why he had her paint.”

By the time the Guards arrived, the thief had made his getaway. Cllr Flood was very concerned that the home-owner had “found two knives dropped by the side of her house where he had ran to get away. Her locks on the side gate and on the garden shed had both been broken off.”

That wasn’t the end of the burglar though. To make a clean getaway he had stashed his loot in an overgrown area and then had the cheek to return in the evening to retrieve his items.

Cllr Flood commended “a brave young man who doesn’t want to be named” who managed to capture the culprit’s return on video. “There were two other individuals in the car and you can see on the video, him loading a copper boiler he had stolen from another house, into his car. They then drove off and were not apprehended.”

Again, this was not the end of the story. The thief returned yet again and this time attempted to steal the video maker’s family car. “The young man immediately recognised the thief and alerted everyone, his parents, neighbours and even the ice-cream man and together they challenged the would be car thief and this time, he was apprehended on the Newfoundwell Road by Gardaí.”

Cllr Flood has commended the actions of everyone involved and has posted the video on his Facebook page. He has asked that local people view it and try to identify the two accomplices.“Policing only works when there is a partnership between the Gardaí and the community. On this occasion, the community came together and did their part, contacting Gardaí, getting video evidence although it was very discreetly done. Everything has been forwarded to the Drogheda Gardaí.

“I would ask everyone to be vigilant and not to take risks if you see anyone committing a crime. Alert the Gardaí and make sure you keep yourself safe.”