Cllr Kenneth Flood Warns of Fraudsters Posing as Tradesmen

Sinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood has issued a warning about fraudsters in the Drogheda area who are targeting the elderly and vulnerable people.

Cllr Flood who is also Chairperson of the Drogheda Joint Policing Committee was contacted by an elderly man’s concerned neighbours on Drogheda’s Northside after he was targeted.

Cllr Flood said “On Tuesday 22nd of August, three men in a white van called to this gentleman’s door claiming he needed his gutters cleared. They demanded an exorbitant €250 for the job which he paid because he felt coerced into doing so and after pretending to do the work they left without doing anything”.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of the story. Cllr Flood then related that “the next day two different men in a white transit van called to the same gentleman’s home and claimed he needed work done to his roof.  Luckily, on this occasion, they were challenged by the elderly man’s neighbours who were aware of what had happened the previous day and they quickly left the area”.

Cllr Flood was concerned at the very deliberate targeting of this elderly man. “I am advised by his neighbours that he is now terrified that he will be targeted again.”

The Drogheda Councillor urged residents “not to agree to anything on the doorstep and to keep a particular eye on elderly and vulnerable neighbours who may be having work done. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, genuine tradesmen will be happy enough to answer any queries and identify themselves.”