Antóin Watters Selected for 2019 Local Elections

Louth Sinn Féin have formally selected seven candidates for the Dundalk and Mid-Louth areas for the 2019 Local Council Elections.

In Mid-Louth Pearse McGeough was selected to re-run with his running mate not yet determined.

In Dundalk South, the three current Councillors were selected, Tomás Sharkey, Anne Campbell and Ruairí Ó Murchú, the latter two facing election for the first time having been co-opted within the last 14 months.

In Dundalk Carlingford, the two sitting Councillors Edel Corrigan and Antóin Watters were selected together with a new face, Eugene Garvey, an activist from the St Nicholas’ area of Dundalk.

Antóin Watters was nominated by Jim Loughran from the Campbell Donnelly Cumann. Jim was a former Councillor and retired about 18 months and Antóin was co-opted onto his seat. He was seconded by activist Tommy Eccles.

Antóin has worked tirelessly (no pun intended) since he has taken over. His area has been plagued with tyres and heavy duty fly tipping and Antóin has been devising ways to tackle this scourge, along with a variety of rural challenges that are faced by his constituents. Brexit has also been at the top of his list of priorities as the uncertainty around the effect it will have on the border areas grows at an alarming rate.

Antóin was supported on the night by his beautiful wife Fionnghuala and was upstaged by his new baby Éanna who stole the show.

Speaking after the convention, Watters said “I am humbled and honoured to have been put forward and subsequently selected and look forward to continuing to represent the people of Dundalk Carlingford to the best of my ability. I want to thank Campbell Donnelly Cumann for all their help and especially Jim Loughran who is always there to give me guidance and advice at every turn.”

Watters continued “I want to especially thank Fionnghuala for her unending support and love. She never complains when I’m home late or have to attend yet another meeting. I appreciate everything she does for me, thank you.”

Antóin with the other candidates selected and our 2 TDs

If you would like to help out in Antóin’s campaign please contact him through his facebook page or call into the SF office at 1-2 Crowe Street. Your help would be greatly appreciated and everyone has their part to play, be it leafleting, postering, campaigning, organizing, admin, driving or whatever your skill may be.

J J Quigley Selected As Third Candidate For Dundalk/Carlingford


Sinn Féin have announced that they have selected a third candidate has been selected to run for the Dundalk/Carlingford area in May’s Local Government Elections to be held in May this year.

The selection was held on Monday evening at the Redeemer in Dundalk where Clan Na Gael man JJ Quigley was put forward to join Cllrs Edel Corrigan and Jim Loughran.

JJ Quigley is well known in the area having played Gaelic football at all levels with his club and county. He is a firm believer that involvement in sport and a healthy lifestyle is essential for the development of young people. Through his community work he coaches football and promotes sport in general in primary schools in his area.

Always interested in politics and with a keen sense of republicanism, JJ joined Ógra Sinn Féin in his youth and went on to join his local Cumann, Halpenny, Worthington Watters, and has been a committed and active member ever since.

On accepting the nomination, JJ Quigley thanked everyone for their support and said “it is a personal honour, as a proud republican, to be selected to represent Sinn Féin along with Edel Corrigan and Jim Loughran.”

After paying tribute to past and present representatives of the Party, JJ continued by looking to the future. “Now is the time to build, now is the time to expand. It is important that the good people of this community get behind this strong team so an even greater voice can be presented to the Louth County Council on their behalf.”

Dundalk/Carlingford Team

The Dundalk/Carlingford Team