Sharkey Livid Over Blackrock Sea Defences Debacle

Tomas Sharkey PhotoTomás Sharkey has said. “Only 2 months after a lot of public money was spent repairing sea defences at Blackrock promenade, the work has already started to break and fall away. I am livid that the work done was obviously not up to scratch, couldn’t stand one high tide and leaves the community in fear at what might happen when a strong storm comes to our shore.
“Already, the defences are shifting more than a foot away from the promenade wall, the pedestrian steps have broken and are unsafe and the sections of defences are rising away from each other.
“Resources are scarce enough without works like this failing. the community of Blackrock and the taxpayers of Ireland deserve better. I have asked County Council management to make a full report on why this has happened and also to hold back on payment to the contractors who carried out the work.