Kenneth Flood: Reinvigorated Neighbourhood Watch Programme Needed

kenneth-floodSinn Féin Councillor and Chairperson of Drogheda Municipal District Joint Policing Committee Kenneth Flood has called for a reinvigorated Neighbourhood Watch Programme for The Drogheda Municipal District Area.

Cllr. Flood said, “Although there was a drop in the rate of crime in Louth last year we can never become complacent. Crime still needs to be fought and Neighbourhood Watch, Community Alert and Text Alert Schemes give the public their chance to play their part in that fight.
To give an example, one area of South County Dublin saw a 68% drop in the burglary rate after a Neighbourwatch Scheme was set up. That’s a huge achievement.
In figures released last July, in the Louth Garda Division, there were 190 recorded burglary offences. That is still an unacceptable figure. I believe we can cut that figure further by having all areas covered by Neighbourhood Watch, Community Alert or Text Alert Schemes.
I have raised this issue at the Louth Joint Policing Committee Steering Committee and everyone in attendance was in favour of expanding these schemes but the request to start them must come from the residents in any particular area. Residents must be the initiators of any new scheme.

Therefore, I am asking anyone who is interested in beginning a neighbourhood watch scheme or rejuvenating a dormant scheme, to contact me or the community garda’s office so we can begin the process of setting up these schemes and play our part in reducing crime”.