Cllr David Saurin: Marian Park Commitment is Welcome

Sinn Fein Councillor David Saurin has welcomed a commitment given at last week’s Drogheda Borough Council meeting in relation to road safety measures in Marian Park.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Saurin said “I have recently been contacted by residents regarding the speed of traffic entering the estate from Bottle Lane. So concerned are the residents about the situation that they have organised a petition calling for traffic calming measures to be implemented.”

“I raised the issue at the Borough Council meeting and called for the reinstallation of a speed ramp at the entrance to the estate which had been removed several years ago without any consultation with residents living on that particular stretch of road. Officials gave a commitment that the ramp would be reinstated.”

Cllr Saurin said he had “also requested that a traffic survey be carried out on this particular stretch of busy road and have asked that signage be erected in regards to speed limits and also that other traffic calming measures be implemented including more speed ramps if necessary.”

“I have witnessed for myself, the volume and speed of traffic entering the estate and it has become a rat run for some motorists so these safety measures are urgently required if we want to avoid what is evidently an accident waiting to happen.”

Cllr Anne Campbell: Dublin Rd Cycle Lanes to be Completed by Weekend

Irish Water have confirmed to a Sinn Féin councillor that the long-awaited reinstatement of the cycle lanes on the Dublin Road will be completed this weekend.

In an email received this afternoon by Dundalk South representative, Cllr. Anne Campbell, Irish Water confirmed that their contractors, GMC, are to work on the completion of the lanes this Saturday and Sunday.

The water company said: “The Irish Water contractors, GMC , have confirmed that the final reinstatement works, including completion of the cycle lane on the Dublin Road are currently scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday. We expect that full reinstatement works will be completed then.”

Cllr. Campbell, who has consistently raised the state of the cycle lanes following major roadworks carried out by Irish Water and later, Virgin Media, which took place intermittently from September last year to April, welcomed the announcement.

She said: “I was very pleased to receive this confirmation from Irish Water this afternoon. I hope, and expect, that it will finally end the long-running problems for the residents and the users of the Dublin Road. It has taken too long, of course, to reach this point and I recently asked Irish Water to ensure that the much-needed work is completed before schools return in the last week of August. I am pleased to see that they are making moves to do this and I will be happy to see this work completed.

“The cycle lanes on the Dublin Road are actually very well used, particularly by DkIT students and they will be happy that the lanes are to be returned to a proper state after months of them being almost unusable.”

Cllr David Saurin Welcomes Funding for Tullyallen Road Layout

Sinn Féin Councillor David Saurin has welcomed funding to purchase Coillte lands at King William’s Glen in Tullyallen.

Speaking today Cllr Saurin said “the purchase of this land will facilitate Louth County Council to construct a staggered junction at the bottom of the Glen onto the Slane Road.”

There have been two fatalities in the last twelve months on this particular stretch of road. Cllr Saurin said “with the increase in visitors and tourists to Oldbridge House and the increase in population in the local area, this road has become even busier in recent years and so the realignment of the junction will enhance safety for road users.”

Cllr Saurin called on Louth County Council to commence the works as soon as possible and “this project, along with the recent resurfacing works and cleaning of the culvert on the Glen are measures which will be greatly appreciated by people from the area and by those who use these busy roads on a daily basis.”


Cllr Cunningham Welcomes Road Markings on Dangerous Bend at Burley Bridge

Tom CunninghamSinn Féin Councillor Tom Cunningham has welcomed new road markings on the approach to Burley Bridge, Kells Road, Ardee.

Cllr Cunningham said “I raised this issue as a matter of urgency following the twelfth vehicle accident at the bend in just over a year. It is a very unsafe part of the road with a bend in the road from both directions and also two dips in the road. It was obviously built long before we had a fraction of the amount of traffic on the road that we have today.”

Cllr Cunningham was contacted by a concerned resident whose property is along that part of the road. “This lady has had her property damaged on a regular basis by vehicles approaching the bridge either too fast or completely unaware of the bridge until it’s too late. The only protection she has is an old tree at her driveway which has

Latest car accident at the bridge

Latest car accident at the bridge

already been damaged by vehicles hitting it. As a result, she has moved her children to the back of the house so they will at least be safe if a car does plough into her house one night.”

Cllr Cunningham said “I welcome the new road markings that Louth County Council is going to install on the approach from the Ardee side which will warn motorists to slow down at this location.  The Council are also going to consult with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) in relation to a crash barrier at this bend which should afford some protection for the residents.”

From the Meath side showing 100KM

From the Meath side showing 100KM signs

Cllr Cunningham has also asked the Council to write to Meath County Council to ask them to remove a 100KM road sign which is just before the bend on the Meath side which is lulling motorists into a false sense of security and replace it with a ‘Slow Down’ or a ‘Bad Bend Ahead’ sign.

Signs of previous accidents

Signs of previous accidents



Cllr Flood, Imelda Munster TD & Residents at Sunnyside

Cllr Flood, Imelda Munster TD & Residents at Sunnyside

Sinn Féin TD Imelda Munster and local councillor Kenneth Flood have met with residents of Sunnyside to discuss traffic calming measures in the area.

For a number of years residents and parents of students attending the local Sacred Heart School have requested Louth County Council take control of lands known as ‘Kitty Daly’s site’ and use it to widen a perilous stretch of road for the safety of both locals and students of the school at Sunnyside.

However, in December last year, Louth County Council CEO Joan Martin said the council would not be in a position of going down the road for first registration and that the file should now be closed.

Commenting Sinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood said,
“I have met with Louth County Council Officials on this issue several times in the past and the answer has always been the same. The council refuse to register the land which they own and now, they have abandoned their claim to the site without attempting to alleviate the traffic congestion at this dangerous bottle neck.

“This issue has been raised multiple times by my party colleagues going back almost two decades. After my latest meeting with Council Officials, Deputy Imelda Munster and I met with local residents at the site to discuss the council’s refusal to take a position on the land. We have also looked at other options where improvements could be made to alleviate the problems at this junction.
“I have now submitted a motion to the April Municipal District of Drogheda meeting calling on Louth County Council to install a mini roundabout to help ease traffic movement and also to install a footpath from the school to the junction of Blackbush Lane so the 600 students of Sacred Heart School don’t have to cross the road in heavy traffic.

” If the council give the usual answer of “no funding available” then my colleague Deputy Munster will pursue this issue with the Department of Transport.
The issues at this site have been ongoing for decades and Louth County Council have been aware of them. Now that CEO Joan Martin has publicly stated that the book should be closed on the council’s ownership of the property at this site which could have solved the problems, the Council must now take action on my motion and use the site to solve the traffic and improve road safety problems in the area”.