Cllr Kenneth Flood: An End to the Stinking Saga At Long Last

Sinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood has welcomed the works done to repair a sewage leak on the Newfoundwell/Termonfeckin Road beside Newtown Meadows.

Councillor Flood has spent several months attempting to get the repairs done and was sent between Louth County Council and Irish Water as they pushed the responsibility to one another as raw sewage was coming up through the road at the junction where parents from Shrewsbury Manor and Newtown Meadows walked their children to the Educate Together school, where girls pass to attend Greenhills School and buses drop off boys attending St Joseph’s School.

Councillor Flood said “I was beyond frustration with this issue as Irish Water were refusing to deal with the issue saying it was a private matter and nothing to do with them, despite the fact that the leak was causing potholes big enough to blow a car’s tyres. I was directed back to various departments in Louth County Council and

Before leak was repaired – Raw Sewage on the main road

thankfully, after many months, the Council have repaired the sewage line and the road. This stinking saga is over.”

Councillor Flood concluded, “this should not set a precedent when it comes to dealing with sewage leaks in the future. This went on far too long. Hopefully now a protocol can be adopted to ensure that any problems like this will be dealt with in a more timely manner from this point forward. I will be raising this at our next full council meeting. In the meantime, residents, pedestrians and motorists can live or drive through the area free from stink and potholes.”