Cllr Anne Campbell: Minor Injuries Unit age limit delayed again

Cllr Anne Campbell

The long-promised reduction in the age of patients cared for at the Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) at the Louth County Hospital has been delayed yet again, according to Councillor Anne Campbell.

The Sinn Féin Councillor has revealed that “it could now be as late as the end of September before the MIU will be in a position to drop the age limit from its current 14 years to five.”

The news came after Cllr. Campbell asked a question about the facility at the Regional Health Forum meeting in Kells on Monday.

She said: “Sinn Féin TD Gerry Adams, along with Cllr. Tomás Sharkey, and I have been consistently asking when the MIU will drop the age limit after it was announced by Health Minister Simon Harris as far back as February last year.

“In November, when the Fine Gael leadership was in Louth, it was announced with a great fanfare that this would happen in the first quarter of 2018 but when that deadline passed, both Gerry Adams and I continued to ask when it would happen.

“We were subsequently told in March that the plan was to have the reduction in place by the end of June, but following my question to the RSCI Hospital Group, who run the Louth County, it has been revealed that it could be as late as September this year.

“This is a dreadful state of affairs for parents in the area, like myself, who have children under the current 14 years limit. Dozens and dozens are faced with travelling to Drogheda again this summer, despite the promises from Minister Harris and the Fine Gael party. Apart from anything else, lowering the age limit would alleviate the pressure on Drogheda hospital which is already overloaded and at breaking point.

“We will continue to press for the earliest possible introduction of this service and I intend to raise it once more at the next health forum meeting in July, where I will be asking what exactly the RCSI has been doing for the past 16 months to put this important measure in place. I Hope Minister Harris didn’t think he would make a grand announcement to grab a positive headline and then people would forget about it, because I can assure him, I am not letting this go. I will continue to pursue this until such times that 5 year old can be treated at the MIU in Louth Hospital.”

Munster Calls For LCC To Back SF Motion On LPT

sf cllr imelda munster photoSinn Féin Councillor Imelda Munster has appealed to Louth County Councillors to support Sinn Féin’s call for the 15% reduction in Local Property Tax in order to give some relief and to ease the financial burden on taxpayers. The decision was deferred at today’s meeting until Friday.

Councillor Munster said “This year every cent of the Local Property Tax paid in Louth went on the setting up of Irish Water and in 2015 we will only receive 8.4 million euro, a reduction of almost 7 million euro on 2013 despite us being forced to pay this extra tax.”

“I put forward the motion to Louth County Council in order to ease the financial strain that working families are under and it is time that this government stopped going after the same people with their austerity taxes, especially when there are other options like bringing in a wealth tax instead. The public just can’t pay this tax on top of water charges which will take effect in just two weeks time with our first bills due in our doors the week after Christmas.”

Munster explained “having put forward the motion a long discussion took place and a Labour Party councillor who said he wasn’t in favour of giving the reduction to people, proposed we defer the meeting and the decision until this coming Friday the 19th. I am hoping that at least 15 of the 29 councillors will have the courage and the social conscience to back the Sinn Fein proposal for  the maximum reduction on 15% this coming Friday. I would call on all Louth County Councillors to support this motion.”