Cllr Cunningham Seeks Solar Powered Bins for Blue Flag Beaches

Sinn Féin Councillor Tom Cunningham has welcomed the passing of his council motion seeking the installation of solar powered bins at Clogherhead Beach, Seapoint Beach and Port Oriel Harbour.

The motion was passed at Drogheda’s borough meeting this month and received unanimous support.

Speaking at the meeting, Cllr Cunningham explained that “this would reduce the need to empty the bins so often as the energy from the sun would compress the rubbish within and they would not overflow.”

Cllr Cunningham described the current bin at Clogherhead as a ‘joke’ and said “a couple of cans and it’s full and overflowing and the crows are pulling the rubbish from it looking for food.”

The bins at the blue flag beaches are an issue every year for Cllr Cunningham who is consistently battling to provide extra bins and to get them emptied on a more regular basis during the summer months. “This would solve the problem as these solar bins would not require emptying as often and because of compacting, they hold up to 10 more times the rubbish.”

To address the issue of cost, Cllr Cunningham has sourced the funding of these bins through the ‘Blue Flag’ funding. “The bins at these locations wouldn’t cost the Council anything.”

  • Advantages of Solar Powered Bins
  • The solar powered bins compacts the waste within it and can hold 10 more rubbish.
  • The bins have cloud based software that provides information to the Council/Local Authority when it is full and requires emptying.
  • The bins are climate friendly as well as being more cost effective
  • They are designed to keep seagulls and rodents out through flaps
  • They have pedals so people don’t have to use their hands to open/close them
  • They will lead to cleaner beaches, less overflowing bins and cleaner surrounding areas