Flood Hits Out At Water Outage Groundhog Day

SF Kenneth Flood SpeakingSinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood has again hit out at the lack of information available following a further water outage in Drogheda over the weekend.

Flood said “On Friday the watermain on the North Quay burst yet again. Although the burst happened in the early hours of Friday Morning, apart from turning off the water, work did not start on correcting the problem until after 9am. The first notice from the council was emailed at 9:06am but at that stage the whole Northern Environs of Drogheda knew they were without water.”

Councillor Flood has been asking for an improved response from the Council and is dissatisfied with the level of response. “I called the out of hours council service and requested that stand-pipes and drinkable water be made available in the affected areas. Despite asking for a call back, my calls were not returned.”

In frustration Kenneth Flood took to Twitter to notify the local media outlets so they could inform people what was happening. Louth County Council and Irish Water have not updated their websites since Friday morning. Flood said “when I phoned them at various times asking for updates, they simply said ‘we’re working on the problem’ and then all updates ceased after hours.”

When water services were restored in late afternoon the water was thick with lime and sediment, making it unusable. On Saturday morning, the same watermains burst again.

The Sinn Féin councillor phoned Irish Water to inform them of the burst main and asked that they post updates on their website and to call him back with information on when services can be resumed. An outraged Flood said “their response was unbelievable. They told me as it was the weekend there would be no updates or information available. This is a completely unacceptable situation. People want to know what is happening and the company tasked with providing a service is only operating during office hours. Again people were left without water for most of the day and when it returned it was like alka-seltzer coming out of the taps.”

“Once again the people of Drogheda have had 2 days without water and Irish Water and LCCs response to the 7th water outage in this area this year has been the same as the first. We have citizens with young babies who can’t even make bottles for them. The children were sent home from the Aston Village Educate Together National School because there was no water. Businesses are affected and Irish Water doesn’t seem to care. This is unacceptable. The service is lackluster and it proves they are unable to provide for the People of Drogheda.”

'Drinking' Water

‘Drinking’ Water

Flood Hits Out At Resident’s Lack Of Information & Support From Council

Kenneth FloodLast Friday saw Drogheda residents and businesses without water yet again. Council workers erecting a ‘No Parking’ sign in John Street accidently drilled into a water main causing three businesses in the street to flood and deprived half the town of water. The rest of Drogheda had brown or murky water coming out of their taps.

Local Sinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood was inundated with calls, texts and emails from affected residents. “The Council estimated the water would be off until midnight and their website said there would be water collection points at Wogans in the town and on Newfoundwell Road” said Councillor Flood. “However, there was no signage or containers at the latter collection point and people were queueing at Wogans until after midnight.”

Councillor Flood had requested a water tanker to visit the affected areas in the late afternoon. However, Flood said “after 5pm my follow up calls to the Council’s water services line went unanswered as did their out of hours emergency number and their website updates stopped. It is unacceptable that residents are left with no information just because it is after 5pm on a Friday.”

The situation had not improved by Saturday. Kenneth Flood said “residents can not use washing machines, dishwashers or even shower properly. I had been told that the water was building back up in the system and full service would be restored soon. I was told again that the website could not be updated to keep people informed until Monday. It’s a nonsense situation and an illogical way of conducting a public service.”

Councillor Flood intends to submit a motion for the next Municipal District meeting asking that Irish Water attend so “we can lay out the facts before them and demand a better service for the people of Drogheda which will include:

  1. The website to be updated out of hours if needed
  2. Water tankers with drinking water sent to affected areas as a matter of protocol
  3. Follow-up plumbing service to deal with air-locks after an outage

The people of Drogheda deserve to be treated with a bit of respect and that has been sadly lacking.”