Navvy Bank is For Walkers, not Cyclists: Cllr Meenan

The Navvy Bank in Dundalk is a popular walkway and has become even more so since the Covid 19 crisis as more walkers are discovering this beauty on their doorsteps.

However, Cllr Kevin Meenan has received a number of calls from walkers who have complained of an increased number of cyclists using the walkway path.

On a recent visit to the area, Cllr Meenan started at the bottom of the Point Road end and headed towards Soldiers Point.

Cllr Meenan said “As I was walking along the first thing I seen, because I was looking for it, was a smallish sign on top of a very rusted pole which advised, when I squinted at it, that the bye law stated the Navvy Bank was for pedestrians only and there were no cyclists allowed.”

As Cllr Meenan stopped to take a picture of the sign on his phone, a family walked by him with a child of around 7 years of age on a bicycle. He pointed his phone to take the picture and had to move in to allow two young boys of around 12/13 years of age pass by.

As Cllr Meenan then headed towards Soldiers Point an older couple went by him, also on bikes.

Councillor Meenan said “this was on Monday evening and the weather was beautiful. I’m not saying the bikes were going fast or were reckless but they should not have been on the walkway at all and I’m not sure if they were even aware of that because I walked all the way down to the outdoor Gym before going back onto the Point Road and didn’t see another sign about the bye laws.

“Bearing in mind that the pedestrian footfall has increased and that many walking alone have earphones in, I would be concerned that they wouldn’t hear a cyclist coming up behind them. I would ask that cyclists stay off the walkways and pedestrians stay off the cycle lanes in return.

“In the meantime I will be asking for increased and improved signage pointing out the bye laws because I really don’t believe there is any deliberate intention to flaunt the bye laws, it could be a case that people just don’t realise.”