Variety Event In Aid Of Motor Neurone Disease

When we have to watch a loved one suffer with any kind of illness or disease it is an extremely difficult time for all concerned.

Motor Neurone Disease takes that illness or disease to a whole new level. It is probably the most cruel and unforgiving of diseases on the earth today.

In a span of about 3 years (if you are lucky) progressive muscular atrophy is marked by a slow but aggressive degeneration of your body. You basically waste away from the inside out.

It robs you of your independence and of the quality of life that you once took for granted. It leaves you dependent on those around you, for your toilet visits, for dressing and undressing and even to be able to turn in the bed at night. Your body just gradually stops working but your mind and your brain doesn’t, which is so cruel.

I think if you asked people today in the North Louth, South Down & Newry and Armagh areas about MND they would tell you they know someone who either has it or who has already passed from it.

On Saturday 5th October in Dromintee GFC, local families who have been affected by this disease are holding a Variety Concert with Fáinne & Friends and are asking people to come along and support them. It promises to be a great night. It is in aid of Motor Neurone Disease Association who do great work with those who have been diagnosed with it and also supports the families around them.

Tickets are just £10 so encourage your friends and family to come along on the night for a bit of craic and support this great cause.