Pearse McGeough: Littering is a Disgrace

Councillor Pearse McGeough called those who discarded mattresses along the N33 Ardee Link Road “a disgrace.”

Cllr McGeough who visited the site this morning said “someone just decided not to dispose of these mattresses responsibly. There are several of them so they had to be brought here by a van or lorry of some kind. If anyone has any knowledge on those who are responsible for this disgraceful dumping then please let Louth County Council know.”

Councillor McGeough also commended Louth County Council for their quick response in getting the mattresses removed. “It should not be up to Louth Council or indeed anyone else to clean up after someone else. I for one, am sick of paying to clean up someone else’s

Several mattresses at the site

filth. There seems to be an increase in the instances of dumping and that needs to stop.”

“When I arrived this morning the Council were here in the rain clearing the mattresses when they could have been doing something else. Well done to them.”

If you want to report littering or have information on who is responsible for this then please phone the Council’s litter hotline on 1890 202303 or (042) 9335457

Fines for littering can range from €150 – €3,000


Cllr Flood: Inoperable CCTV a major cause for concern

Speaking after the quarterly Local Policing Forum Meeting in Drogheda, Chairperson and Sinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood said that confirmation that the CCTV of the RAPID areas was ‘inoperable’ was a major cause for concern.

Cllr Flood said “The CCTV outside of the town centre is a vital tool in fighting anti-social behaviour, wider criminality and illegal dumping. In recent weeks I have been in touch with the council asking for them to review the CCTV to help fight dumping/fly-tipping. This evening, it was confirmed to me that it was in fact ‘inoperable'”.

“Although we were assured that the system was under review we have not been given a date for the conclusion of that review nor indeed when the CCTV will be operable again”.

“This is simply not acceptable and I will be pursuing the council to finish their review in a timely manner, repair and reactivate the CCTV in Drogheda.”