Cllr Bryne Calls For Laurence Park clean up

joanna-byrne-1Sinn Féin Councillor Joanna Byrne has called on Louth County Council to urgently clean up the Bonfire Residue left at St. Laurence’s Park Green.

Following complaints from distressed residents of St. Laurence’s Park, Cllr Byrne brought the issue of the bonfire residue left behind in the green area to the attention of Louth County Council.

It is now two weeks since Halloween and this area needs to be cleaned up with several mounds of ashes and leftover bonfire material scattered throughout the green. The longer this remains fires will continue to be lit and illegal dumping may return which has been a recent issue in the same area.

The council worked hard over the last few months to clean this area up at my request, and it is imperative we do not let the standards slip, for the sake of all residents between St.Laurences Park and also Moneymore.

After speaking to some residents over the weekend Cllr Byrne said

“As time is ticking by, this is of course a contentious issue for these residents, especially those who live nearer the vicinity of the green area. They are anxious that this is cleaned up as soon as possible. Not only is this an eyesore, but the air quality among this vicinity is being affected by the continuing lighting of fires among these leftover mounds.”

I have contacted the council and have asked them to act as a matter of great urgency and I am now calling on them to immediately tidy up this area as it is a main walk through between Moneymore and the St. Laurence’s Park & Drive area. I have also asked them to continue to monitor this area and not allow it to return to a site for illegal dumping”.