Cllr David Saurin Welcomes Funding for Tullyallen Road Layout

Sinn Féin Councillor David Saurin has welcomed funding to purchase Coillte lands at King William’s Glen in Tullyallen.

Speaking today Cllr Saurin said “the purchase of this land will facilitate Louth County Council to construct a staggered junction at the bottom of the Glen onto the Slane Road.”

There have been two fatalities in the last twelve months on this particular stretch of road. Cllr Saurin said “with the increase in visitors and tourists to Oldbridge House and the increase in population in the local area, this road has become even busier in recent years and so the realignment of the junction will enhance safety for road users.”

Cllr Saurin called on Louth County Council to commence the works as soon as possible and “this project, along with the recent resurfacing works and cleaning of the culvert on the Glen are measures which will be greatly appreciated by people from the area and by those who use these busy roads on a daily basis.”


Cllr Tom Cunningham Warns of Accident Blackspot near Ardee spot

SF Tom Cunningham council picSinn Féin’s Tom Cunningham raised the issue of safety at the junction for Ballapousta and Belpatrick which has seen a few accidents recently as a result of traffic not slowing down. The motion read ‘That Louth County Council place rumble strips on the north bound lane of the N2 coming down the hill approaching the junction for Ballapousta L5252 and Belpatrick L5255 to try and slow traffic down approaching this junction and the bend on the N2’.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Cunningham said “a number of people have raised this with me and you can see where previous accidents have occurred.  I felt that if there were rumble strips it would warn motorists of the upcoming junction as well as slow them down but according to the Council ‘new guidelines have been issued regarding the use of yellow bar markings/rumble strips.’

Tom Cunningham at Ballapousta Junction

Tom Cunningham at Ballapousta Junction

They will now only be used on high speed approaches to roundabouts. The Council also feel that there is adequate signage on this road but I have to disagree.




I have written to the Council now asking them to forward my request on to the National Roads Authority. I feel more has to be done at this junction because the status quo is not working and is unsafe. It is becoming an accident blackspot.”20160206_164337



Munster Calls For Proper Use Of Motor Tax Funds

imelda photo orangeSinn Féin Councillor Imelda Munster has once again called for funding to be provided for safety  and traffic calming measures at the busy Mell Junction in Drogheda.

Councillor Munster stated “this year most of our motor tax paid in Louth was given over to prop up Irish Water, leaving local authorities starved of funding for road safety measures and yet again it is the motorists, taxpayers and pedestrians who are being short changed”.

“This junction is lethal and needs traffic calming as motorists come off the motorway at speed into a built up area with housing estates, a school, church and shops. At this junction cars have to stop facing down towards Mell to turn right to access a road were the vehicle has to do a u turn at a very busy part of the road to access several residential estates and the local GAA club on the Old Slane Road.”

Cllr Munster explained “Traffic coming from behind have very little visibility of the vehicle stopped due to the brow of the hill driving down Mell towards the town centre. There is a constant stream of traffic in all directions at this busy junction and the road is exceptionally wide and has no safe crossing point for pedestrians. The council have carried out a vehicle and pedestrian assessment following on from my previous motion to them and recommended a priority and staggered junction but we were told funding was not available.”

Cllr Munster said “it is totally unacceptable that our roads budget has been slashed by over 40% over the last three years and motor tax which is supposed to be spent on roads, is being handed over to keep Irish Water afloat to the detriment of road safety. I fully intend to continue to push to secure funding for this junction to be made safe for motorists, pedestrians and local residents alike.”

Munster Calls For Update On Busy Mell Junction

Cllr Munster at the busy junction

Cllr Munster at the busy junction

Sinn Féin Councillor Imelda Munster has sought an update on progress on the busy Mell junction at this month’s Drogheda Borough Council meeting. A vehicle and Pedestrian Assessment Report was carried out at the request of Councillor Munster at the beginning of the year and took 11 weeks to complete.

The completed report stated that traffic volumes at this junction could be catered for by a priority junction and that land space was available to facilitate those turning right onto the Cement Road.

The acute angle of the approach of the old Slane Road makes the left turn particularly difficult and that land acquisition is required to resolve this issue. The report also states that an improved alignment can be catered for by the provision of a right/left stagger junction subject to the provision of 60kmh transition zone commencing 200m west of the Cement Road junction

Cllr Munster said “this junction needs to be addressed and the necessary works carried out to make it safer for motorists and pedestrians and the works need to be included in the road works programme for 2015.”

Dicing With Death At Drogheda Junction

Alan CassidySinn Féin Councillor Alan Cassidy has been contacted by a number of pedestrians who feel they are dicing with death when they cross from Grove Hill onto the Bridge of Peace and also drivers who are unhappy with the junction.

Councillor Cassidy said “scarcely a week goes by without some sort of collision at this junction. The layout is sporadic to say the least. Now that the schools are back, traffic volume has increased as has the footfall and a number of parents have expressed concern for the safety of their children. If a car is coming off the dual carriageway and heading up the Rathmullen Road they can not see pedestrians who are forced to dash across the road here because of the dip. Someone is going to get badly hurt or worse.”

Alan Cassidy said “as a father I can’t imagine how scary it is to try and dash across this road with my children in tow just hoping that I can make it across safely. I will be calling for a risk assessment of this junction to be done to see if it can be made safer for motorists and pedestrians alike.”

Grove Hill Junction Drogheda

Grove Hill Junction Drogheda