Cllr Bryne Calls For Laurence Park clean up

joanna-byrne-1Sinn Féin Councillor Joanna Byrne has called on Louth County Council to urgently clean up the Bonfire Residue left at St. Laurence’s Park Green.

Following complaints from distressed residents of St. Laurence’s Park, Cllr Byrne brought the issue of the bonfire residue left behind in the green area to the attention of Louth County Council.

It is now two weeks since Halloween and this area needs to be cleaned up with several mounds of ashes and leftover bonfire material scattered throughout the green. The longer this remains fires will continue to be lit and illegal dumping may return which has been a recent issue in the same area.

The council worked hard over the last few months to clean this area up at my request, and it is imperative we do not let the standards slip, for the sake of all residents between St.Laurences Park and also Moneymore.

After speaking to some residents over the weekend Cllr Byrne said

“As time is ticking by, this is of course a contentious issue for these residents, especially those who live nearer the vicinity of the green area. They are anxious that this is cleaned up as soon as possible. Not only is this an eyesore, but the air quality among this vicinity is being affected by the continuing lighting of fires among these leftover mounds.”

I have contacted the council and have asked them to act as a matter of great urgency and I am now calling on them to immediately tidy up this area as it is a main walk through between Moneymore and the St. Laurence’s Park & Drive area. I have also asked them to continue to monitor this area and not allow it to return to a site for illegal dumping”.

Chair of Local Policing Forum Calls For An End to Halloween Nuisance

SF Kenneth & ImeldaThe first meeting of the new Drogheda Local Policing Forum took place on Monday and was dominated by Halloween and the nuisance it can be which takes away from family fun.

Sinn Féin Chairperson Cllr Kenneth Flood said “one issue is the bonfires and the burning of tyres. Sterling work has been done in the past few years by local businesses and Louth County Council to prevent tyres finding their way onto these bonfires and we hope to build on that. Despite people knowing the environmental damage tyres cause when they are burned, not to mention the heavy toxic smell and mess they leave behind, several councillors and multiple citizens have reported seeing them being hoarded for Halloween Bonfires. So I am again requesting that anyone who sees hoards of Bonfire Material to please pass the location on to Louth County Council so it can be removed.”

The second related Halloween issue was the use of fireworks.

Cllr Flood said “although the number of fireworks is well down compared to previous years, they are still being used in the county. I want to remind everyone that these fireworks are illegal and unsafe. As a father myself, I feel sick every year when I read about some poor child that has lost fingers or has been injured in some way by these fireworks. It has to stop. And it’s not only the children that are suffering, the poor animals hate the noise of them and it causes them unnecessary panic and distress.”

The meeting which was held in the Governors House, Millmount, Drogheda also covered other topics such as the need to repair the lighting columns on West Street, the establishment of new neighbourhood watch schemes and tackling burglaries and graffiti in Drogheda and South Louth.
Cllr Kenneth Flood is urging all resident’s groups, voluntary groups etc to register with the PPN (Public Participation Network) and “have your voice heard on all issues facing Drogheda and South Louth. This is your area, you are entitled to have a say in how issues are tackled”.

For further information on how to register your group please go to

Cllr Flood concluded “There will be a public meeting held after these PPN roles are filled and anyone and everyone in Drogheda and surrounding areas can raise any issue they believe needs to be tackled through the Joint Policing Committee.”


Alan CassidySinn Féin Louth County Councillor Alan Cassidy is calling on the people of Drogheda and Tullyallen to work with the council and Gardaí in advance of Halloween. While it is generally a time of excitement and family fun for many it can be an onslaught of illegal fireworks, increased anti social behaviour and destruction of community green spaces .

Cllr Cassidy will be liaising with local authorities and Gardaí seeking advice on how Drogheda and its town lands can prepare for a safe and family friendly Halloween.

Alan Cassidy said, “In previous years both Louth County Council, and the Gardaí have had to deal with out of control bonfires and the ongoing collection of tyres and pallets in advance of Halloween. I have contacted both the Council and Garda Supt Smith to take necessary measures in early intervention. In previous years both Gardaí and Louth County Council have worked well together in tackling these matters and I am sure this year will be the same.”

Cllr Cassidy is also mindful that often it can be a frightening time of year. He stated,

“For many residents the run-in to Halloween can be stressful with illegal bangers going off for weeks and a big increase in anti-social activity in their estate. Previous years have seen householders suffer greatly on Halloween night itself and then face intensive clean-ups after the lighting of illegal bonfires on open green space areas. LCC have to spend large sums of their overstretched budget on cleaning up the aftermath of Halloween night bonfires and fireworks. Our under pressure Fire Brigade and Ambulance Service have to answer additional emergency calls on Halloween night. This needs to stop.”

Cllr Cassidy has contacted Louth Council and the Gardaí to act to address these issues before the Halloween mayhem begins.

Alan Cassidy said, “Halloween here in Louth and neighbouring Meath have many exciting events taking place including a ‘Walking tour meeting some of the “ghosts” of Drogheda’s past’, Kennedys pumpkin patch, not to mention traditional trick or treating . Plenty of Adult craic to be had as well with the well known gigs and fancy dress parties. We need to work together to make Halloween a safer celebration for all.”