Cllr Joanna Bryne Welcomes Works To Improve Tourist Areas

Joanna Byrne Council PicSinn Féin Councillor Joanna Byrne has welcomed a commitment from Louth County Council that will see an improvement in the upkeep of many of the historical areas around Drogheda town.

Cllr Byrne said “Sinn Féin have been in contact with LCC Operations Department for some months now demanding action especially coming into the tourist season. I can confirm that works will start next week.”

“The bottom of the Grove Hill area which is located just off the carriageway linking the north and south of the town has become an eye-sore for pedestrians and motorists alike. This area will be tidied up and weeded. There is a monument on that area to the Hunger Strikers which many tourists and residents like to visit including myself so I especially welcome that.”

With this being the height of our tourist season Joanna Byrne said “the grass areas around two beautiful areas of our town, Millmount and Magadeline Tower will also be tended to. The new maintenance contractor will commence work on Monday and we should see a significant improvement over the coming weeks. Drogheda is a gem in the eye of tourists and residents alike and this will go some way to restoring the town to its full glory”.

Dicing With Death At Drogheda Junction

Alan CassidySinn Féin Councillor Alan Cassidy has been contacted by a number of pedestrians who feel they are dicing with death when they cross from Grove Hill onto the Bridge of Peace and also drivers who are unhappy with the junction.

Councillor Cassidy said “scarcely a week goes by without some sort of collision at this junction. The layout is sporadic to say the least. Now that the schools are back, traffic volume has increased as has the footfall and a number of parents have expressed concern for the safety of their children. If a car is coming off the dual carriageway and heading up the Rathmullen Road they can not see pedestrians who are forced to dash across the road here because of the dip. Someone is going to get badly hurt or worse.”

Alan Cassidy said “as a father I can’t imagine how scary it is to try and dash across this road with my children in tow just hoping that I can make it across safely. I will be calling for a risk assessment of this junction to be done to see if it can be made safer for motorists and pedestrians alike.”

Grove Hill Junction Drogheda

Grove Hill Junction Drogheda