Cllr Kenneth Flood: Irish Water Just a Cash Cow

Several months ago, Sinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood raised the issue of sewage leaking on the Termonfeckin Road at the Drogheda Borough District Monthly Meeting.

The response was ‘go contact Irish Water’.

Councillor Flood managed to contact Irish Water but “I was completely confused by the responses I was getting. Irish Water kept insisting that this was a private matter and nothing to do with them. I thought there must be a mix up and they weren’t looking at the correct area I reported the leak in.”

Raw Sewage on the main road

The leak has caused pot-holes deep enough to blow a car’s tyres. The leak is at a junction where school buses drop off boys going to St Joseph’s School, at the junction where girls pass walking to Greenhills School, at the junction where people walk to The Boyne Business Park, the junction where parents from Shrewsbury Manor and Newtown Meadows walk their children to the Educate Together School.

The map of red lines sent by Irish Water

Cllr Flood persisted with Irish Water because as he put it “when the sewage leaks, it stinks! It’s very hard to confuse this area with another. But again and again Irish Water said that this was a private matter and nothing to do with them. Eventually, they sent me a map with red lines on it, stating they only look after the red lines. So anything outside of that, such as a sewage leak on a public road, a main road, is not their problem.”

Councillor Flood had to return to Louth County Council to try and get the matter resolved.”I have been assured that the site will be visited by the Environmental Department this week. The cause is known and action will be taken to ensure the leak is fixed and the road is repaired.”

Main Road with sewage

“I look forward to Louth County Council sorting out this stinking mess but the whole episode has again confirmed, if further confirmation was needed, that Irish Water are just a cash cow for government cronies and not fit for purpose for delivering water services and that they should be dissolved.”

Cllr Flood Commends Drogheda Emergency Services

Kenneth FloodDrogheda’s fire service was once again called to a major fire, this time in a disused industrial unit at Greenhills. The fire on Tuesday night took several hours to get under control.

Sinn Féin councillor for the area, Kenneth Flood who attended the scene said “I can’t praise the fire service enough. There were three units in attendance and they did their usual professional, superb job. As if the fire wasn’t frightening enough, there was a possibility of a rough sleeper in the area but thankfully that did not turn out to be the case.”

Drogheda Fire Service tended to the fire for almost ten hours before leaving at around 7:30am on Wednesday morning.

Cllr Flood said “We have to remember that the cause of the fire has yet to be established despite some on local media falling over themselves to condemn the fire as a malicious act. Until the cause has been established maybe we should focus on how lucky we are that no-one was hurt or worse.”

Earlier this month, Drogheda fire service was called to a major fire at the Dawn paper factory which Gardaí are treating as arson.



SF Kenneth Flood SpeakingSinn Féin councillor Kenneth Flood has hit out at Irish Water in what he says is “a total lack of respect for the people of Drogheda.”

The problem area is around Greenhills which sees retention of water after even a light rainfall and raw sewage coming up from the drains onto the public road.

Cllr Flood who has been very vocal on this issue said “I have raised this at the Drogheda Municipal Council meeting and have also been on to the engineers responsible to have this issue resolved once and for all”.

On a more positive note Cllr Flood explained that “Louth County Council, who have responsibility for certain aspects of the drains, have done everything within their remit to help alleviate the problem. Gullies are to be cleared if they haven’t already been, and older inaccessible gullies will have double gullies put in at either side. This should end the problem of the raw sewage washing out onto the street and help alleviate the retention of water flowing downhill from Bredlin Street”.

However, Kenneth Flood was not as positive about Irish Water, “To end flooding in the area once and for all, a gully affected by tides will have to be replaced and this is the responsibility of Irish Water. Council officials passed all the information on to Irish Water several weeks ago and have not even had the courtesy of a reply.”

“This is a total lack of respect for the people of Drogheda. They need to respond to the Council with a solid plan of works to be actioned. Irish Water is a quango, it is unfit for the job it was supposedly set up to resolve. Responsibility for the water services needs to be returned to the local authorities and the money and taxes that is being collected of the people, need to be spent in areas they were intended for.”

“Last week my colleague Imelda Munster highlighted how monies collected through road tax for example, is no longer spent on the upkeep of the roads, it is being pumped into Irish Water. This is a farce and needs to come to an end.”

After a light shower

After a light shower