New Green Bin Charges Compounds Illegal Dumping: Munster

Sinn Féin TD for Louth and East Meath, Imelda Munster, has criticised the decision to introduce charges for green bins saying it will lead to less recycling and an increase in illegal dumping.

Deputy Munster said:

“In Louth we have recently seen the decision taken by the CEO of Louth County Council to remove the plastic bottle bank facilities throughout the county despite the fact that they had become hugely popular and successful methods of recycling and awareness.”

“Within days of this happening the entrance charge at the recycling centre was increased. And now we have plans by waste collectors to introduce a new charge on green bin collection on top of existing waste collection charges.”

“We have already witnessed an increase in illegal dumping both in rural and urban areas, and in some cases on public streets in the middle of housing estates, and this new charge is only going to compound this problem even further.”

“It is a lazy policy which will lead to more illegal dumping and less recycling. The government planned this move two years ago but kicked it down the road when there was opposition to the plan. Despite this fact, charges are now to be introduced, with China’s decision to shut its doors to our recycling waste being used as an excuse.”

“People cannot afford another household charge. This is another charge on families which serves no purpose as it will not lead to an increase in recycling.”

“We need to address supermarket and packaging waste and ensure that materials that can be recycled by businesses and households are used in packaging, rather than materials such as plastic wrapping that is now not recognised as recyclable waste for the purpose of green bin collection.”

“Industry has a role to play here. The government can’t solve these problems by slapping yet another charge on hard-pressed families.

Adams – Inside The Ard Dealgan Nightmare

Ard Dealgan July 2015 1Sinn Féin Louth TD Gerry Adams has urged Louth County Council to “prioritise as a matter of urgency the future of the Ard Dealgan apartment block in Quay Street, Dundalk.”

The Louth TD’s call comes after the third picket organised by local Councillor Jennifer Green at the site in recent months. Teachta Adams attended the picket on Friday and said “The Ard Dealgan apartment complex stands as a ruined monument to the worst excesses of the housing development corruption that was a key factor in the economic collapse 7 years ago.

The complex was poorly designed and constructed and was vacated in 2009 as a consequence of fire safety concerns. Since then it has become a blight on the local urban landscape, a source of annoyance and concern for the community around it, and a magnet for anti-social behaviour.”

At Friday’s picket, Gerry Adams TD and Councillor Pearse McGeough had an opportunity to get inside the complex for the first time.

“It reminded me of the Divis and Moyard Flats complexes’ in west Belfast that were built in the 1960s and which were demolished because of the appalling conditions residents were forced to endure.

As well as fires, noise and pollution issues, Councillor Jennifer Green and Councillor Pearse McGeough who accompanied me last Friday saw evidence that the complex is being used by drug addicts. There were needles lying dangerously about.

Questions over the ownership of Ard Dealgan; disputes over who has responsibility for securing it; and a lack of planning for its future has seen the internal structure of the Ard Dealgun complex seriously deteriorate.

In June Louth County Council indicated that they would ‘explore a residential option’ for the 73 units contained in Ard Dealgan for local housing needs. This would require a significant investment of public money.

The Ard Dealgan complex has been lying boarded up and empty for almost 6 years. There is an onus on the Council and on the department of the Environment to find an urgent resolution to this issue.”

Councillor Jennifer Green thanked the residents from the surrounding area for braving the poor weather and insisted “the people need to stand up and demand an end to this nightmare. It has been going on too long. I am a mother of 2 adventurous boys who would just love to explore Ard Dealgan and the very thought of it fills me with horror when I see what the inside is like.  We will continue with these monthly pickets until there is some resolution on the issue.”

Ard Dealgan July 2015 3

Ard DEalgan July 2015 2

Ard Dealgan July 2015 7


Ard DEalgan July 2015 6


Ard DEalgan July 2015 5Ard Dealgan July 2015 4


These are some of the pictures that were taken inside the Ard Dealgan complex when Gerry Adams TD gained access with Cllr Pearse McGeough and two members of the Watters Brothers SF Cumann.

You can see the state of the place and how unsafe it all is and the drug paraphernalia just lying around.

Pics are courtesy of Enda Flynn

County Grinch Threatens To Cancel Christmas

Jennifer GreenHaving been approached by several people enquiring about the Christmas decorations and lights this year in Dundalk, Sinn Féin Councillor Jennifer Green put the question to the County Manager and was taken aback at her response.

Green said “in previous years the expense from the tree and shortfall from some of the electricity charges from the lights would have been met from the Dundalk Town Council budget. With DTC abolished I wanted to clarify the situation. The reply I got could be interpreted as a threat.

“The reply was that although it wasn’t their intention to change things, the outcome of the LPT being reduced by possibly 15% could affect this and whether we are still going to have money for this kind of activity in the future.”

Councillor Green continued “Where are all the savings Phil Hogan promised with the reform of Local Government? My understanding of this is if we vote to give the people of Louth a break of 15% on their Local Property Tax then Christmas may be cancelled. People are struggling enough and now this. Ridiculous.”

Green & Adams Call For Support For Elverys Sports Workers

SF Jennifer & GerryCouncillor Jennifer Green has called on the people of Dundalk to support the employees of Elverys Sports shop in the Dundalk Retail Park. The Company is currently in receivership and there are 700 jobs at stake throughout the country.

Green said “I received an email from the management of the Dundalk store and was impressed with their commitment to not only the company but to each and every one of the jobs at stake. When I contacted our TD Gerry Adams, he had also received a similar email.”

Sinn Féin Louth TD and party President Gerry Adams has called on the government to make every effort to secure almost 700 jobs in Elverys Sports, including those in its two stores in Dundalk and Drogheda .

Teachta Adams said:

“Elverys Sports is currently in examinership. The Examiner, Mr. Simon Coyle of Mazars, has stated that: His aim is to protect the business at all costs with a particular focus on job security.’

This must be the government’s aim also and every support possible should be provided to encourage a new owner to retain the existing numbers of jobs under their current terms and conditions of employment.

Elverys is a long established, efficient and well run business. It has a management team that is committed to the business and to its future.”

Jennifer Green echoed those sentiments and then encouraged people to get behind the workers by supporting their online campaign.

“They have set up a Facebook page ‘SOS Elverys 700’ which has already had over 5,000 likes since it was set up a few days ago on 5th March 2014. That is very impressive and shows the level of support that is out there.”

Jennifer finished by saying “We wish the employees all the best and hope our pleas do not fall on deaf ears. Let’s support the workers here, this country can not afford to lose another 700 jobs.”