Adams urges Irish America Trade Union support for referendum on Unity

Gerry with Terry O’Sullivan President LiUNA & Thomas Callahan President IUOE

Sinn Féin Louth TD and former Party Leader Gerry Adams has just returned from New York where he spoke at a packed meeting of Trade Union leaders organised by the James Connolly Labor Coalition. On Friday evening he was the main speaker at the eighth annual Irish Echo Labor Awards.

Gerry Adams addressed both events on the issues of Brexit and Irish Unity.

Gerry Adams said:

“Brexit presents the most serious social, economic and political threat to the people of the island of Ireland for a generation. The British Conservative government, supported by the Democratic Unionist Party, is determined to drag the North out of the EU.

The current uncertainty around the negotiations between the London government and the EU is adding to an atmosphere of uncertainty and concern. In particular, there are very real dangers posed the imposition of any border checks. There are tens of thousands of jobs at risk in the two economies on the island of Ireland.

The Irish government has a responsibility to defend the democratic vote of the people of the north to remain within the EU and to ensure that the Good Friday Agreement is protected. Whatever the outcome of the current negotiations the rights and entitlements of the people of the North, as envisioned in the Good Friday Agreement, must be protected.”

The Louth TD also urged Irish American trade unionists to add their support to the growing call for a referendum on Irish unity. Mr. Adams said:

“The issue of a unity referendum and the goal of a united Ireland is now a matter of almost daily conversation. Our task as united Irelanders is to achieve these objectives in the shortest possible time with the maximum level of popular support. And we will achieve this sooner with the help and support of Irish America.

The vast majority of people in Ireland and in the Irish diaspora scattered across the globe want a society in Ireland that is based on values of social justice, fairness, equality and decency. This can best be achieved in a new and shared Ireland.”

Finally, Gerry Adams TD commended the initiative by a coalition of Irish American organisations for the McGuinness Principles. Mr. Adams said: “These principles are about implementing the Good Friday Agreement. They are for a Bill of Rights; equality for the Irish language; justice for the victims of conflict and their families; and support for a referendum on Irish unity.

They are modelled on the very successful MacBride Principles campaign against job discrimination. The success of that campaign shows the potential for Irish America achieving the same positive outcome with the McGuinness Principles.”

Housing crisis in Louth: Adams TD

Commenting on the recent homeless figures Gerry Adams TD pointed out that; “There are now more citizens homeless in this state than the combined populations of Ardee, Castlebellingham, Dunleer, Jenkinstown and Tullyallen”.

Sinn Féin Louth TD Gerry Adams has challenged local TDs, irrespective of their party allegiance, to support Sinn Féin’s motion of no confidence in the Housing Minister Eoin Murphy when it comes before the Dáil in the next few weeks.

The Sinn Féin Louth TD said:

“The government’s housing policy, supported by Fianna Fáil, is failing the tens of thousands of households on the waiting list, the almost ten thousand men, women and children who are homeless, the many more who are paying exorbitant rents, and those who want to buy their own home.

Minister Murphy is out of touch with the needs of households who need a safe and secure roof over the heads.

While there has been a very slight drop in the number of homeless in Louth the government’s policies are failing to dent the housing crisis in this constituency and across the state. The number of homeless dropped by just two between June and July.

There are now more citizens homeless in this state than the combined populations of Ardee, Castlebellingham, Dunleer, Jenkinstown and Tullyallen.

This is an outrageous situation. Consequently, Sinn Féin will be tabling a motion of no confidence in Minister Murphy in the next few weeks. We are seeking support from across the political spectrum.

I am calling on all local TDs to place the housing needs of citizens first and to join with Sinn Féin in demanding that Minister Murphy goes and the government adopt effective and urgent policies to end the housing crisis. My appeal is especially directed at Fianna Fáil TD Declan Breathnach whose party’s support for the government is keeping it in power. Fianna Fáil is complicit in this housing crisis. Fianna Fáil TDs have the power to demand that the government change its disastrous housing policy but thus far they have refused. The Sinn Féin motion of no confidence in the Minister presents Teachta Breathnach and others with an opportunity to put the people first.”


Adams concerned at depletion of Louth Garda Fleet

Sinn Féin Deputy Gerry Adams has contacted the Minister for Justice regarding the reduction in Louth Garda Síochána vehicle numbers which was recently confirmed to him.

The Sinn Féin TD said;

“I have brought my concerns regarding the fleet of vehicles at the disposal of  An Garda Síochána across the Louth Division to the attention of the Minister for Justice.

“In July I enquired, via parliamentary question, as to the number and type of Garda vehicles attached to the Louth division.

“The Justice Minister confirmed that the total fleet for Co Louth is currently 50 vehicles.

“This is a reduction of 7 vehicles from 2017 and I have asked the Minister to outline the reason for this reduction.

“Local gardaí have also indicated to my colleagues in Louth County Council that at least 1 Garda vehicle is out of commission following a ramming incident in Dundalk.

“Additionally in July I wrote to the Minister enquiring about the bus which had been at the disposal of the youth diversionary and community policing unit in Dundalk.

“I have still not received any response to this enquiry.

“This Minister is aware of the difficulties in policing the border area and of the criminal gangs which are operating on a cross border basis.

“It is essential that Gardaí in Louth are mobile and can respond to incidents and requests for assistance.

“Many rural Garda Stations are only open for a few hours per day.  In light of this it is even more essential that the fleet in Louth is properly resourced.”

Government must invest in Childcare – Adams

Sinn Féin Louth TD Gerry Adams has called on the government to “allocate additional new resources in October’s Budget to reduce childcare costs.”

The Louth TD’s comments come following a recent survey carried out by Newstalk Radio which found that Louth was one of the top five counties with the highest childcare costs in the state.

Teachta Adams said: “In the survey of over 130 creches and childcare providers the survey asked for the cost of a two-year old child in full-time care for five days a week. It found that that the average monthly cost across the state is €745. Louth’s average monthly cost is €771.33.

That amounts to over €300 more annually for each child.”

Gerry Adams TD said:

“Childcare costs in this state are among the highest in the industrialised world. The provision of high-quality, affordable childcare is central to facilitating experienced workers, particularly women, from leaving the labour force. Too often high-childcare costs, which are frequently the equivalent of a second mortgage, are preventing a parent from returning to employment.

This week the National Recruitment Federation added its voice to the call for “proper investment in a structured childcare solution” and it said that in respect of subsidised childcare “this is expenditure that Government can’t afford not to make, if we are to resource our labour market needs and drive economic progress.”

Sinn Féin believes that quality, affordable childcare is socially and educationally advantageous to children. Sinn Féin wants an early years sector that we can truly be proud of.  In the upcoming Budget in October it is vital that the Government increases investment in the early years sector in order to reduce costs to parents, improve quality standards and arrive at a childcare regime which we can be proud of.”

Adams welcomes Anord redundancy resolution

Louth Sinn Féin TD Gerry Adams has welcomed news of a resolution to the redundancy dispute between workers and management at Anord Mardix.

Teacha Adams said;

“Since June I have been advocating for staff who have been employed at Anord for many years.  

“They were concerned that the company, which was restructuring and seeking voluntary redundancies, would not offer terms to reflect their commitment to the company.

“I made representation to the management of Anord urging them to act honourably toward their staff and I also contacted the Minister for Enterprise on their behalf.


“I am glad that these issues have been resolved and I have commended the workers involved and the management.

“I wish Anord Mardix continued success into the future.”