Cllr Ruairí Ó Murchú – Avenue Road Community is in shock after incident

Sinn Féin Councillor Ruairí Ó Murchú visited the scene on the Avenue Road in Dundalk today following reports of a stabbing incident.

The incident occurred around 9am where one man has died and two others were injured.

Cllr Ó Murchú said “I have spoken to Gardaí and one man has been confirmed dead. The community is in shock and they are appalled to hear what has happened. I want to also commend the actions of the Gardaí as they were summoned to the scene they were able to disarm the attacker and have subsequently arrested him.”

“Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the man who died and we wish a speedy recovery to those who were injured.”


Kenneth Flood Welcomes Gardaí Contact facility for Elected Representatives

Councillor Kenneth Flood has welcomed a new dedicated email facility set up by Gardaí for elected representatives.

Cllr Flood who is Chairperson of the South Louth Joint Policing Committee said “As Sinn Féin public representatives we listen to and work closely with the public, community groups and clubs throughout the county. In the course of our work we have received many complaints that non-emergency calls to the Garda went unanswered or were not followed up.

“We, as Councillors, would get a range of reports that have concerned citizens and they either haven’t reported it to the Gardaí or have received no response and have been left frustrated.

“For instance, a resident may want to report a car or individuals acting suspiciously on an-ongoing basis; Strange callers to an elderly relative’s house or people behaving in an anti-social manner on a street corner, lane-way or green-space close to their homes; A person may suspect criminal behaviour but not witness a criminal act first hand.

” Now there is this new dedicated email facility for public representatives. We can report the concerns of the men and women in Louth that come to us and know it will be reported to the Garda responsible for that neighbourhood and Gardaí up the chain of command and all the way to The Chief Superintendent.”

“I would urge anyone who has any on-going community policing concerns to contact their local Sinn Féin Team so we can help in reporting it and resolving it through contact with the Gardaí. But please remember, if it is an emergency situation please dial 999.”



You should call 999 or 112 in the case of an emergency. An emergency is any incident which requires an immediate Garda response. Examples of emergencies are:-

  • A danger to life
  • Risk of serious injury
  • Crime in progress or about to happen
  • Offender still at scene or has just left


Non-emergencies can be reported on:

Drogheda Garda Station – (041) 987 4200

Dundalk Garda Station – (042) 938 8400

Ardee Garda Station – (041) 685 3222

Carlingford Garda Station – (042) 937 3102



Cllr Cunningham Calls for Rural Garda Station Timetable

Sinn Féin Councillor Tom Cunningham has called for Garda Stations in Mid-Louth and indeed throughout the county to publicise their opening hours to allow constituents to access their services more easily.

Cllr Cunningham raised the issue at the Mid-Louth JPC (Joint Policing Committee) meeting last week. Afterwards he said “if the Gardaí could post a timetable as to when they are open it would be very helpful for people to arrange small administration jobs like getting passports signed etc.  Rather than people being inconvenienced and visiting a closed station several times, they could perhaps check a published timetable.”

“I appreciate that the opening hours are dependent on staffing levels in the stations but even if a timetable was posted weekly on the website or on the station door, that would be ok too.”

Gardaí Superintendent Trainor who is based in Ardee agreed with the concerns raised and will be looking into providing a timetable for the area.

Joint Policing Forum Chair Hits Out Over Cancellation of Public Meeting

Kenneth FloodSinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood has hit out over the cancellation of the first public meeting of the Joint Policing Forum which was scheduled for Tuesday evening 1st December. The meeting was to have been held in the Westcourt Hotel and was cancelled because ‘no Garda were available to attend.’

Cllr Flood, who is the chair of the Forum was incensed as he said “We have not had a public meeting since November 2013. This meeting was hailed as a vital link between the public, the Gardaí and public servants. It was organised and advertised by Louth County Council but they apparently forgot to confirm the Gardaí’s availability for the meeting.”

Councillor Flood contacted the Superintendent following notification of the reason for the cancellation and reported “after speaking to the Superintendent for Drogheda and South Louth I was told he only knew of the date of the meeting when he read it in the media after the public notice was published. He contacted the Council several times to inform them the date was unsuitable as that night Drogheda Gardaí had other commitments. Any other date would suffice.”

The Dundalk based official responsible for organising the meeting was unavailable to take the calls which resulted in the last minute cancellation of the meeting.

Cllr Flood made no bones about where the blame lay. “The blames lies squarely with Louth County Council officials in Dundalk who treat Drogheda as an after-thought. I am furious about this lack of respect for the people of Drogheda. We are now down to three community Gardaí from ten a few years ago. Local reps and Gardaí are trying to improve our town and make citizens feel a bit safer in their areas and then something like this happens which only helps to widen the perceived disconnect between the public and the Gardaí. We need to get down to business and stop messing about.”


Gerry Adams TD expresses concern at crime figures in wake of two brutal attacks in Louth

DSC_3254_6510Louth TD Gerry Adams has expressed deep concern at the latest crime figures in the wake of two brutal attacks in Louth.

According to the latest CSO recorded crime figures published, the number of assaults, thefts and burglaries has risen over the past year.

Gerry Adams said:

“In light of the recent shocking killing of Martin Mulligan near Dundalk and the brutal stabbing of a pharmacy employee in Drogheda, the latest crime figures are very worrying. CSO figures show an increase of assaults of 10.4%, burglaries rising by 8.4%, and theft rising by 1.8%.

“There has been a continuous cutting back of vital resources that the Gardaí require to do their job. I recently called on the Minister for Justice to increase Garda numbers which have fallen over the last five years.

“Recent parliamentary questions to the Minister show that a town as large as Drogheda has only five community Gardaí. There is a direct correlation between these figures and the closure of rural Garda stations and lack of investment in Garda resources.

“Communities right across the country are paying the price for Government policy. The Government must increase investment in Garda personnel and resources to deal with the erosion of public confidence in the Garda’s ability to tackle serious crime.”

The following is the reply to a PQ submitted by Deputy Adams to the Dáil –

PQ 1 crime figures PQ 2 Crime figures