New Domestic Violence protocols needed by Gardaí – Adams

Sinn Féin Louth TD Gerry Adams today raised the issue of Domestic Violence legislation in the Dáil and in particular the case of Siobhan Phillips, a victim of domestic violence who was shot along with Garda Tony Golden in October 2015.

Speaking in the Dáil Teachta Adams said:

“I want to ask the Minister about the Domestic Violence Bill 2017. The purpose of this Bill is to consolidate and update the Domestic Violence Bill 1996 and the Domestic Violence (Amendment) Bill 2002 into a new comprehensive Bill.

As you may be aware Minister Siobhan Phillips, a young woman who was grievously wounded in the same shooting in which Garda Tony Golden was killed, was the victim of sustained domestic violence.

Two days before she and Garda Golden was shot she went to Dundalk Garda station where despite obvious injuries she wasn’t able to make a statement and there was no private location for her in the station to speak to the Garda about her injuries.

Now the objective of the Domestic Violence Bill is, among other things, to make it easier for victims to avail of the court system and to link them with support.

But there is clearly a need for Garda protocols and facilities based on best international practise to allow victims of domestic abuse to have their complaints dealt with in a therapeutic and appropriate manner.

So when is the does the Minister expect this Bill to complete its legislative journey and when will it be enacted?”

Minister Bruton, standing in for the Taoiseach, said that it was in committee stage in the Seanad.

Commenting later after raising the issue in the Dáil the Sinn Féin leader said:

“It is not acceptable that victims of domestic violence are unable to make complaints to An Garda Síochána in a proper and fitting environment. The trauma of domestic abuse is significant. Women’s Aid reported in 2015 that there were 16,375 incidents of domestic violence in the state. One in three women has experienced psychological abuse by a partner while 15% of women have experienced physical or sexual violence by a partner.

We need protocols and resources put in place to provide for the victims of abuse to feel safe and confident to tell their stories to a trained Garda officer in a therapeutic setting.” 


Adams highly critical of Taoiseach’s refusal to authorise public inquiry into Omeath shooting

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD has strongly criticised the refusal of the Taoiseach to authorise a public inquiry into the murder of Garda Tony Golden, the shooting of Siobhán Phillips, and the suicide of Crevan Mackin in Omeath in October 2015.

On Tuesday Deputy Adams raised with the Taoiseach correspondence he has sent to the Taoiseach over the last 18 months, and serious allegations made in a recent RTÉ Primetime programme about the events of October 2015 and he called on the Taoiseach to agree to the establishment of a public inquiry as demanded by the family of Siobhán Phillips.

Speaking following the exchange in the Dáil, Gerry Adams TD said;

“There are serious questions that must be answered about the murder of Garda Tony Golden, the shooting of Siobhán Phillips and the suicide of Crevan Mackin.

“It is alleged that Crevan Mackin was acting as a Garda agent after agreeing to a deal to avoid firearms offences and that some members of An Garda Síochána knew that he had access to weapons when he was released on bail.

 “The best way of getting to the truth is for the Taoiseach to establish a public inquiry as has been called for by the family of Siobhán Phillips. It is important that any investigative process initiated allows for criminal charges should that need arise. The GSOC investigation will not allow for this.

“The Taoiseach, the Minister for Justice, and the Garda Commissioner have had the pertinent information regarding these allegations for a year and a half.

“Today, the Taoiseach refused to commit to establishing an inquiry that would ensure that all of the truth comes out. He cited the investigation that has now been initiated by GSOC.

“While I welcome the establishment of the GSOC investigations, I have major concerns that its designation as a ‘section 95’ investigation may not allow for all of the issues to be examined properly.

“I told the Taoiseach that the family of Siobhán Phillips share those concerns. Section 95 investigations only allow for disciplinary action to be taken against Gardaí. That is not acceptable given the weight of allegations in this case, and it is my firm view that a criminal investigation is required.”

RTÉ Investigates report requires recall of Dáil – Gerry Adams TD

Following the broadcast of the RTÉ Investigates programme tonight, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD has said that the circumstances surrounding the murder of Garda Tony Golden, the attempted murder of Siobhan Phillips and the suicide of Crevan Mackin warrant a criminal investigation.

Deputy Adams also called for the Dáil to be recalled next week to allow the Minister for Justice to make a statement on the matter and to answer questions.

He said;

“The murder of Garda Tony Golden, the attempted murder of Siobhan Phillips, and the suicide of Crevan Mackin raise serious and fundamental questions about the role of elements of An Garda Síochána in the circumstances surrounding his arrest in January 2015 and the events in Omeath in October of that year.

“The evidence would indicate that Crevan Mackin was working as a Garda agent at the time of his arrest in January 2015 or subsequent to it. As a result the Gardaí did not charge him with firearms and explosives offences which he admitted to during his questioning in Dundalk Garda station. Subsequently his bail was significantly reduced and he was released from Portlaoise Prison.

“The Garda also failed to thoroughly investigate the information in their possession about other weapons which Mackin had access to.

“Answers must also be provided as to why Gardaí, at both Dundalk and Carlingford stations, refused to register a complaint or to take a statement from Siobhan Phillips when she was visibly scarred, slashed and frightened for her life as a result of serious abuse by Mackin. Her parents, who accompanied her, were also fearful for their daughter’s safety and indeed for their own lives.

“I have previously written to Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald on eight occasions, to the Taoiseach four times, and to GSOC three times, to express my grave concerns regarding this case.

“Given the information I provided, I would have expected Minister Fitzgerald and the Taoiseach, after a reasonable period of time, to ensure a proper investigation into the circumstances which led to the shooting of Garda Golden and Siobhan Phillips took place.

“The responses of both the Taoiseach and Minister for Justice have been unsatisfactory.

“I have never received any indication that the government was taking this matter seriously.

“Given that it was known by some senior figures in An Garda Síochána that Crevan Mackin had access to weapons Siobhan Phillips and Garda Golden should not have been placed in this perilous situation.

“The arrest, interrogation and subsequent treatment of Crevan Mackin, an individual with known serious mental health issues, was entirely inappropriate.

“All of the families affected by this need to have truth about the circumstances of Crevan Mackin’s arrest, questioning, charging and relationship with An Garda Síochána.

“Those responsible must be held accountable and, if necessary, they must face a criminal investigation and possibly charges.

“The Taoiseach must now recall the Dáil for next week so that the Minister for Justice can make a full statement and take questions on this very serious matter.”

Kenneth Flood: Reinvigorated Neighbourhood Watch Programme Needed

kenneth-floodSinn Féin Councillor and Chairperson of Drogheda Municipal District Joint Policing Committee Kenneth Flood has called for a reinvigorated Neighbourhood Watch Programme for The Drogheda Municipal District Area.

Cllr. Flood said, “Although there was a drop in the rate of crime in Louth last year we can never become complacent. Crime still needs to be fought and Neighbourhood Watch, Community Alert and Text Alert Schemes give the public their chance to play their part in that fight.
To give an example, one area of South County Dublin saw a 68% drop in the burglary rate after a Neighbourwatch Scheme was set up. That’s a huge achievement.
In figures released last July, in the Louth Garda Division, there were 190 recorded burglary offences. That is still an unacceptable figure. I believe we can cut that figure further by having all areas covered by Neighbourhood Watch, Community Alert or Text Alert Schemes.
I have raised this issue at the Louth Joint Policing Committee Steering Committee and everyone in attendance was in favour of expanding these schemes but the request to start them must come from the residents in any particular area. Residents must be the initiators of any new scheme.

Therefore, I am asking anyone who is interested in beginning a neighbourhood watch scheme or rejuvenating a dormant scheme, to contact me or the community garda’s office so we can begin the process of setting up these schemes and play our part in reducing crime”.

Additional Garda numbers for Louth must be permanent – Adams

DSC_3254_6510Sinn Féin Louth TD Gerry Adams commenting on the revelation that Garda Tony Golden had provided the Cooley Peninsula Community Alert Group with a handwritten note outlining concerns over Garda numbers in the district as ”deeply disturbing.” And he has called on the Minister for Justice to ensure that the additional Garda numbers deployed in Louth are made permanent.

Gerry Adams said:

“Garda Tony Golden was a widely respected community Garda who worked closely with the community in the Cooley Peninsula. His report to them, prior to their meeting with the then Minister of Justice Alan Shatter, reflects widespread concerns in the area about cutbacks to Garda numbers and resources.

Parliamentary responses I received from the Minister for Justice during the summer confirm Garda Golden’s concerns. The PQ responses show that there has been a gradual decrease in available Garda numbers from 314 in the Louth Garda Division in 2010 to 277 on April 30 2015. This is a substantial drop of 37 Garda in the last five years.

The number of Community Gardaí has also dropped from 22 in 2010 to 16 for this year. This figure has remained unchanged in the last three years despite the increase in burglary and theft related offences.

The issue of Garda numbers and available resources is crucial to communities across the state but especially in the border region. There is an onus on the government to enhance the all-island policing arrangements and structures.

There is also a concern that the two existing joint task forces – the Cross-border Fuel Fraud Enforcement Group and the Cross-border Tobacco Enforcement Group – are not being effective. A review of the work of both needs to be undertaken and additional officers and resources should be provided where appropriate.

I welcome the decision by the Garda Commissioner to deploy 25 additional Gardaí to county Louth and the establishment of an intelligence unit for the area. But these additional Garda are only deployed on a temporary basis. The increased numbers should be permanent.

What is also needed is greater co-operation across the border and a holistic and strategic plan for tackling organised criminal gangs exploiting the border. This should include a cross border task force involving the police services in both parts of the island and revenue services and with a dedicated all-Ireland focus.”