Sinn Féin proposal for 15% reduction in Local Property Tax rejected

Alan CassidyAt this morning’s Louth County Council meeting Sinn Féin Councillor Alan Cassidy proposed a 15% reduction in the family home tax which would be the maximum reduction allowed. This move was supported by Sinn Féin and opposed by all the other parties.

Chief Executive Joan Martin pointed out that this area is one in which additional money could be raised.

Speaking after the meeting Cllr Cassidy said “the maximum reduction would have given the people of the county something back. This government and the last one have had their hands in our pockets for too long. There are a lot of efficiencies that could be made in the day to day working of the Council which would result in savings.”

Speaking further Cllr Cassidy said “The Chief Executive talked about how this reduction would have left the budget short by €1.4 million but she neglected to say about the almost €3 million in interest that is being paid out on land loans which were purchased by the Council for social housing and are just left lying there. That €3million is taken out of our budget before we even start. And let’s not forget the fact that our motor tax money, for example,  is being sent out of the County instead of being used to repair roads in Louth.  ”

Other Louth County Councillors voted to leave the rate of the Local Property Tax unchanged for a further year.