Eugene Garvey Launches Shoe Box Appeal in Dundalk for Homeless

Community activist Eugene Garvey is calling for people in Dundalk to help the homeless this year by providing a shoebox of essentials.

Mr Garvey, who has worked with a number of homeless support groups in the past, was contacted by friends who work in a local Company who are organising the Shoebox Appeal.

“I have arranged two drop-off points in Dundalk and am calling on businesses, schools, colleges, communities and individuals to get involved and support the 10,338 homeless people in our State (of which 3,848 are children).

“Does your office do a Kris Kindle? How about donating a shoebox for the same price and really bring a smile to someone’s face over the festive season? Buy an extra gift this year and donate it, it will make a big difference to someone.”

“Dundalk Simon Community and Newry Help the Homeless both operate stalls for the homeless in Dublin on a weekly basis and are happy to accept and distribute the shoeboxes. The Soup Kitchen in Bridge Street has offered to do the same here in Dundalk.”

What to do?

Get a shoebox, mark it male or female and fill it with items such as:

Scarves, Gloves, Underwear, Socks, Chocolate/Sweets, Roll on Deodorants, Tooth Brush/Paste, Soap, Gift Vouchers or a Christmas Card.

Please leave shoeboxes unwrapped.

If you would like to do a Shoebox for a child please mark it Boy/Girl and specify the age group it is for with items such as a soft toy, Cars, Colouring books etc.

Shoeboxes will be accepted up until Tuesday 10th December, they can be delivered to Muirhevnamor Community Centre/ Redeemer Community Centre during normal office hours.

Garvey Planning Safety Meeting

Sinn Fein Election candidate Eugene Garvey is planning a public meeting in the north end area of the town to help people feel safer in their own homes.

Mr Garvey said “as I have been going around the doors canvassing one of the issues that is being brought up is community safety and the increase of burglaries in the area. I have also noticed that a lot of homes now have additional security in the form of extra locks etc but people are still fearful and that is unacceptable. One door that was opened to me while I was canvassing in Ard Easmuinn had about five locks on it and it struck me that behind all those locks was someone living in fear in their own home. People should not have to feel fearful at home or be held to ransom by a small number of people who are intent on committing crimes in the community.”

After contacting a number of Tenant’s Associations in the area, Mr Garvey is arranging a public meeting to identify safety solutions that people can implement themselves. “I have contact the Community Garda and he will be available to attend a meeting sometime after the election to give practical advice to residents and householders. We want to see this happening sooner rather than later.”

“In the meantime, there are people who are older (65+) and who live alone that feel particularly vulnerable. I want them to be aware of a scheme which will perhaps give them some peace of mind. It is a personal alarm which, at the press of a button will alert someone that there is a problem. I would ask that you call into the local SVP office here in Dundalk or phone them on 1800 677 777 to see if you qualify. It may help bring some peace of mind before the public meeting can take place.”

Mr Garvey also encouraged neighbours to “look out for each other, especially older neighbours. Be aware of who is calling to doors in the area, be aware of any strangers. We need to have that community spirit again and look after each other. Gardaí can only do so much, residents need to stand together and determine the kind of community we want to live in safely.”


Garvey: Look out for elderly neighbours

Sinn Féin Local Election candidate Eugene Garvey is asking people to look out for their elderly neighbours during this recent spell of wet weather.

Mr Garvey said “I was called to the Beechmount Drive area today where there is flooding outside the pensioners’ homes. I have reported this to the Council as a matter of urgency simply because it is effectively ‘trapping’ older people in their homes. Walking around the flood is not an option as the grassway is nothing more than mud and muck thanks to all the rainfall we have had recently and unless you are an acrobat or light on your feet, chances are you will slide and fall.”

Mr Garvey asked people to check in on their elderly neighbours “as it may not be practical for some of them to wade through a flood. I’m sure Beechmount Drive isn’t the only place where the rainfall and floods are keeping older people at home so please be aware of your neighbours and realise that they may not feel confident enough to venture out in that weather and check if they need anything.”

“We are always good about checking on older or vulnerable people during snow or really cold weather but let’s remember there are other times of the year where they may need that wee bit of looking after.”

Back To School Costs are A Burden: Eugene Garvey

Activist Eugene Garvey (Left) with Cllr Ruairi Ó Murchú and other activists

Dundalk Sinn Féin took to the streets today in along with Cllr Ruairi Ó Murchú to highlight ‘Back to School’ costs.

Local activist Eugene Garvey, a father of two, said “Education is a fundamental right for everyone and should be free and accessible to all but the current cost is an ever increasing burden on ordinary families with costs running at an all-time high.”

It is estimated that over 20% of parents need to take out loans to pay for their children’s school essentials.

Eugene Garvey pointed out that “the Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance is a great help but falls short of what parents need. Sinn Féin is proposing an extra €50 to this grant which would help. We also need to look at expanding the Book Rental Scheme to ensure that all schools participate in it and help alleviate the burden on families.”

Currently only 65% of schools use a Book Rental Scheme.

On average schools get state funding of around €46,000 a year for operating costs, however, average bills actually total €91,000.

Eugene Garvey said “The shortfall of the school state funding has to be found be it in the form of fundraising throughout the school year or having to contribute directly to the school, and this is on top of the cost of sending a child to secondary school costing an average of €1,500 per year. It is too much for parents and that is why I am here today, to raise awareness and let other parents know that they are not alone in their struggle, Sinn Féin are on their side and have a list of proposals to help alleviate this burden.”

For more details on Sinn Fein proposals on Back to Schools costs and other policies please visit


Local Activist Warns of Drug Paraphernalia

Cllr Ruairí Ó Murchú and activist Eugene Garvey pictured at a previous dumping incident

Local Sinn Féin activist Eugene Garvey from St Nicholas’ Avenue area has advised residents in the area to resist the temptation to dispose of any drug paraphernalia they might come across.

Speaking today from the area, Eugene Garvey said “In this good weather we have a lot of people using the path down by the river for walking their dogs or just out enjoying the good weather. Unfortunately they aren’t the only people using the path and some drug paraphernalia was found there today at the green. There are needles present which can be very dangerous if you accidently prick yourself attempting to clean them up.”

Mr Garvey contacted Louth County Council and has been advised that they will ‘get it cleaned up as soon as possible’.

Drug paraphernalia found today

Garvey who lives in the area said “St Nicholas Avenue is a great place to live, the residents look after their area and any dumping of unwanted paraphernalia or rubbish will be reported and followed up on. I would ask residents that if anyone sees anyone dumping anything, to please contact Louth County Council immediately.”

Do not attempt to dispose of it yourself