Kenneth Flood Welcomes Gardaí Contact facility for Elected Representatives

Councillor Kenneth Flood has welcomed a new dedicated email facility set up by Gardaí for elected representatives.

Cllr Flood who is Chairperson of the South Louth Joint Policing Committee said “As Sinn Féin public representatives we listen to and work closely with the public, community groups and clubs throughout the county. In the course of our work we have received many complaints that non-emergency calls to the Garda went unanswered or were not followed up.

“We, as Councillors, would get a range of reports that have concerned citizens and they either haven’t reported it to the Gardaí or have received no response and have been left frustrated.

“For instance, a resident may want to report a car or individuals acting suspiciously on an-ongoing basis; Strange callers to an elderly relative’s house or people behaving in an anti-social manner on a street corner, lane-way or green-space close to their homes; A person may suspect criminal behaviour but not witness a criminal act first hand.

” Now there is this new dedicated email facility for public representatives. We can report the concerns of the men and women in Louth that come to us and know it will be reported to the Garda responsible for that neighbourhood and Gardaí up the chain of command and all the way to The Chief Superintendent.”

“I would urge anyone who has any on-going community policing concerns to contact their local Sinn Féin Team so we can help in reporting it and resolving it through contact with the Gardaí. But please remember, if it is an emergency situation please dial 999.”



You should call 999 or 112 in the case of an emergency. An emergency is any incident which requires an immediate Garda response. Examples of emergencies are:-

  • A danger to life
  • Risk of serious injury
  • Crime in progress or about to happen
  • Offender still at scene or has just left


Non-emergencies can be reported on:

Drogheda Garda Station – (041) 987 4200

Dundalk Garda Station – (042) 938 8400

Ardee Garda Station – (041) 685 3222

Carlingford Garda Station – (042) 937 3102