Edel Corrigan Calls for More Care & Communication with Residents

Cllr Edel CorriganWith the increase of road works being carried out around the town lately, Sinn Féin Councillor Edel Corrigan asked the question “is there a monitoring process in place whereby our local authority inspects the standard of work being carried out by these contractors?”

Cllr Corrigan was speaking at the Dundalk Municipal Council meeting this week and commented on “the surge of underground works taking place by Irish Water, facilities, networks and service contractors. While I appreciate the work has to be done, lately it just seems to be a lot of streets or roads are being dug up, along with footpaths to the inconvenience of businesses, traffic and pedestrians alike. I would like to ask how road openings are monitored to ensure safe, secure traffic management systems to facilitate access by people in the area.”

After consultation with several residents Cllr Corrigan said “We need better communication with residents and businesses before their services are disrupted or disconnected for a time. The notice given is inadequate and putting it out on radio or social media doesn’t always reach the people affected.”

“I want to know what measures are in place to ensure, when all works are all finished, that the roads and footpaths will be returned to an acceptable condition. We have many community areas where residents invested money, time and effort in improving their environment only to find that planters and flowerbeds were destroyed following these works and footpaths were left unassailable. In one area residents were left distressed finding exposed live cables.”

Louth County Council Operations Department advised that any concerns or complaints arising from the ongoing road works can be made to Louth County Council who will investigate.

Cllr Edel Corrigan – ‘Report will show the reality of Brexit’

Cllr Edel CorriganCllr. Edel Corrigan, Joint Chair of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Committee has expressed her concerns about the possible impact on the local economies of  Brexit.

Cllr Corrigan said “Cross border trade is integral to any business that is based in the region, or anywhere along the border. We would fear that businesses, particularly in Dundalk and the wider area, would be directly impacted due to an introduction of tariffs or restrictions on movement by products or even by people.”

“We already know that there will be some impact as a result, but that remains an unknown at the minute and has created an air of uncertainty and apprehension. The issue of funding is not something which should be underestimated and the shortfall needs to be dealt with at some stage.”

“I welcome the endorsement of the MOU and the Louth Council Officials of the paper presented to the members on prescribed recommendations on dealing with the initial impact of Brexit from Newry, Mourne and Down District Council and their agreement to take part in the consultation process.”

Newry, Mourne & Down DC have requested that all Councils along the border corridor participate in the appointment of a consultant via East Border Region Company to carry out a scoping exercise on the economic and social impact of Brexit and possible scenarios such as all funding applications being met by Government, partial funding of projects by government and no funding being approved.  They would assess the overall impact on the border corridor and impacts for key stakeholders such as public, private, third sectors and residents.

“We in Sinn Féin will do our best to ensure that the voices are heard of those who work or own businesses in this region, those who will feel this decision the most and a little Englander mentality should not dictate how they must conduct business going forward.”

“As republicans, we acknowledge that part of the island had a vote in June’s referendum, with 56% of those voting to remain as part of a larger EU structure. The reality is that the people of the north must have their democratic voice heard, instead of being cast aside as if their opinion carries neither weight nor substance.”

Corrigan welcomes extension to submissions of review of Speed Limits in Housing Estates

Cllr Edel CorriganSinn Féin Councillor Edel Corrigan has welcomed an extension to the submission process to review speed limits in housing estates. Speaking today Cllr Corrigan said “I would encourage all community groups and resident’s associations to make a submission to the Council and have their say. It’s your area, you are entitled to have a say on this.”

A number of submissions are currently under consideration but there is still time for Local Groups to have their estates considered.

“This is an opportunity for residents to have their estates included in the new 30km/hr zones so as to make residential areas as safe as possible for pedestrians, cyclists and children”.

Submissions may be made in writing to Eugene McManus, Administrative Office, Infrastructure, Louth County Council, Town Hall, Dundalk before 5pm on Friday 30th October.

Edel Corrigan Guest At O’Donovan Rossa Anniversary In USA

Rita O'Hare, Mary Hogan (Nation President LAOH) and Edel Corrigan

Rita O’Hare, Mary Hogan (National President LAOH and event organiser) and Edel Corrigan

Monday June 29th marked the 100th anniversary of the death of  Irish Republican Brotherhood member Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa. His life as an Irish Fenian is well documented but he is perhaps best known for the graveside oration he received from Pádraig Pearse when the famous lines were uttered “The fools, the fools, the fools…”

After being exiled to America in 1870, the O’Donovan Rossa family resided in Staten Island, New York until Jeremiah died in 1915 and his body was returned to Ireland and buried in Glasnevin.

Louth County Councillor Edel Corrigan attended a day long series of events on his anniversary in Staten Island NY which was organised by LAOH National President Mary Hogan and committee members.

Guest speakers at the event included Rita O’Hare (Sinn Féin Representative in USA), William Rossa Cole (great grandson of O’Donovan Rossa), Judith Campbell, (historian, Drew University),Dolores Lynch (LAOH), and Barbara Jones (Counsul General NY).

Cllr Corrigan said “It was an honour for me to be invited to attend the events to mark the passing of such a great Irish historical legend as Jeremiah ODonovan Rossa. Jeremiah and his wife Mary-Jane played a great role in building the foundations on which the Rising of 1916 in Ireland happened and which we celebrate next year. “I look forward to August 1st when there will be a re-enactment in Dublin of O’Donovan Rossa’s funeral procession and graveside orations. There is a great feeling of excitement from the O’Donovan Rossa family members I have met, to see their ancestors remembered for their contribution to the Irish people. “This event also marked the great contribution and sacrifices Mary-Jane O’Donovan Rossa made during this period of history. Moving into 2016 it is important that we remember those who went before us, the roles they had, and the impact they made on Irish history.”

Rita O'Hare at the O'Donovan Rossa family plot

Rita O’Hare at the O’Donovan Rossa family plot

Dundalk Town Hall Will Fly Flag With Pride

Cllr Edel CorriganThe 14th – 19th July 2014 marks this year’s Pride week in Dundalk which will see many events take place in and around the town. To help mark this important event in the LGBT calendar, Councillor Edel Corrigan put forward a motion at the Dundalk Municipal Council meeting this evening, to fly the Rainbow Flag above the Town Hall on those dates. The motion was passed.

Edel Corrigan said “I am so pleased this motion was passed. It may seem such a small thing but to the LGBT community it can mean so much. It shows that they are an important part of our community and they are accepted and wanted and appreciated and have an important part to play within the community.”

Councillor Corrigan continued “this year’s theme is ‘family matters’ and as always, it promises to be a colourful, happy, fun filled week of events.”

For further information on what’s on during Dundalk Pride Week please go to www.dundalkpride.com

Dundalk Pride