Cllr Edel Corrigan: New Covid Tracking App Does Not Serve Border Counties

As the new COVID Tracking App went live this morning it is disappointing to see this is not on an all-island basis.

Cllr Corrigan said “I downloaded the App this morning and already there had been 88,000 check ins by 10.30am. I noticed the statistical information provided Appeared to only cover 26 of our 32 counties.

The App says it is ‘being made available by the Irish Health Service Executive in conjunction with the Irish Department of Health for people across the island of Ireland’. However, Cllr Corrigan said “you can only register as living in your County if you live in one of the nominated 26 counties and you appear to be excluded if you live in any of the remaining 6 counties of Ireland.

“My understanding is that they use Bluetooth technology which could in fact mean that the whole 32 counties could well be covered but what is the point if no-one in the 6 counties registers, and they are certainly not being encouraged to do so?

“This does not bode well” continued Cllr Corrigan “for anyone who lives in a border county or who travels across the border as many people do on a daily basis in this area. I am quite concerned at the obvious flaw in the App. COVID 19 must be tackled with an all-island approach. A virus does not recognise borders, it won’t suddenly stop at Dundalk and I feel the people of Louth are once again being punished and let down simply because of geography.”

Cllr Corrigan is calling on the HSE and Department of Health to enhance or modify the App to ensure that it does what is being promised. “If we are serious about tackling this virus, then we need to get serious about the tools we use and ensure they are fit for purpose. My fear is that if people, especially in border counties, have this App it may lull them into a false sense of security as the data will be incomplete at best.”

Cllr Corrigan: Scoil Phádraig Naofa Works Completed



Sinn Féin Councillor Edel Corrigan has welcomed the completion of vital safety works carried out at the Scoil Phádraig Naofa in kilcurry.

Cllr Corrigan said “the application for these safety measures was made and approved as far back as 2017. It has been almost three years but this weekend sees the completion of the works and when the children return on Monday it will be a much safer environment around the outside of the school for them.”

The delay in getting these works done according to Cllr Corrigan was that initially only two tenders were received for the work, both in excess of the funding allocation so the works were put on hold until a second round of tendering could be completed seeking a more reasonable quote.

Cllr Corrigan said “there are now ramps which will slow traffic down and crossing lights which will make drivers more aware of schoolchildren crossing.

“Anything that improves the safety of our children especially around school areas is to be welcomed. These works have been a long time coming but at long last they have been completed.”

Edel Corrigan Selected for 2019 Local Elections

Louth Sinn Fein have formally selected seven candidates for the Dundalk & Mid-Louth areas for the 2019 Local Council Elections.

Pearse McGeough was selected to re-run in Mid-Louth with his running mate not yet determined.

In Dundalk South the three sitting Councillors were selected, Tomás Sharkey, Ruairi Ó Murchú and Anne Campbell.

Dundalk Carlingford has the two sitting councilors selected, Antóin Watters and Edel Corrigan with new face Eugene Garvey from Dundalk.

Edel Corrigan was proposed on behalf of the recently formed Maíre Drumm Cumann by Alan McArdle who also paid tribute to Edel’s father Stan. Stan Corrigan was the first Chair of the Maíre Drumm Cumann before he passed away. “We still miss the big man.”

Alan also said the Cumann looked forward to working with Edel and pledged their support to her going forward. The nomination was seconded by Vivienne Watters.

Edel with the Maíre Drumm Cumann

Speaking after the convention, Cllr Corrigan thanked the Cumann for their nomination and said “I’m looking forward to campaigning and continuing my work with their support. We are an active Cumann in the area and it’s sautifying to make a difference to people’s lives. With the prospect of a hard Brexit looming it is all the more important to protect the people living in rural areas especially around the border counties. Cross border crime is another scourge on the area which needs to be addressed on an on-going basis. I look forward to the challenges ahead.

If you would like to help out in Edel’s campaign please contact her or call into the SF office 1 – 2 Crowe Street. All help is appreciated, leafleting, postering, canvassing, whatever you can do…

Edel can be contacted through the office in Dundalk or the Maire Drumm Sinn Fein Cumann Facebook page.

Edel with the other candidates selected and our 2 TDs

Cllr Edel Corrigan: Unofficial Car Pool Parking Causing Issues with Residents

Sinn Féin Councillor Edel Corrigan has raised the issue of the unofficial parking taking place on the N53 Castleblayney Road in Dundalk.

Cllr Corrigan said “I have been contacted by a number of residents on this road directly off the M1 roundabout intersection. Some time ago yellow box and double yellow lines were installed to facilitate local residents having clear visibility on turning to their homes from the main road. However, there is now a significant increase in the volume of persons parking their cars on that road to car pool to Dublin and the no parking in the boxes and double yellow lines are no longer being adhered to.”

A second issue was also raised by Edel Corrigan.

“There is also a significant increase in the amount of waste being discarded in this area, from builder’s waste to food and general waste which residents believe to be coming from those parking in the area. I contacted the Council regarding this and welcome the fact that they have already completed a clean-up of the area.”

Cllr Corrigan is seeking longer term solutions to the unofficial parking but unfortunately because of the remoteness of the area from the town, the use of traffic wardens who are on foot, would be unsuitable.

Cllr Corrigan said “Infrastructure are investigating the establishing of proper park and ride facilities for the longer term so hopefully that will alleviate the issues around this particular area.”

Cllr Corrigan Encourages Groups to Seek Funding for Energy Upgrades Projects

Sinn Féin Councillor Edel Corrigan is encouraging groups who may be interested in initiating an energy upgrade project to consider applying for up to 50% Better Energy Community Funding.

Councillor Corrigan said “Louth County Council are facilitating community applications to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) who provide funding for community groups, sports groups, private businesses and even public sector groups who wish to explore or develop an energy upgrade project.”

“Louth County Council at the minute are taking applications but the closing date for the final application is 26th January 2018. This means that the Council would need to finalise the beneficiaries for the funding by 15th January at the latest.”

Councillor Edel Corrigan is encouraging those interested or who may represent anyone in this field to “consider putting an application forward. Contact the Council’s Sustainable Energy Team directly on  HYPERLINK “” for more details or to submit your application.”

“We are always seeking new ways to be more energy efficient and to reduce our carbon footprint and Louth County Council and SEAI recognise that and want to encourage it.”