Munster: Drogheda Needs Action, Not Lip Service

Sinn Féin TD Imelda Munster has voiced concern and disappointment that government have once again only paid lip service to what Drogheda needs to prosper as the largest town in Ireland. Recognition is all grand if it comes with a firm plan of commitment for funding of infrastructure, implementation and timeframe for delivery. Third tier recognition on its own has no substance and could well be just an appeasement to ward off any political backlash for government representatives.

Deputy Munster stated : We all accept we need a roadmap, a plan to work towards going forward, but any plan should be definitive and include and address the immediate and short term needs as well as long term needs. This plan doesn’t do that. Designating Drogheda as a 3rd tier growth centre without defining what that actually means in real terms, considering we are already strategically placed and identified as part of the M1 economic corridor of Newry- Dundalk- Drogheda.

No commitment or timeframe to deliver our much needed Northern Cross Route to ease congestion in our town, no commitment to lift slip road toll on our town, no mention of development of our port, investment, jobs, or housing. No mention of investment of any sort in this area particularly in light of the fact that we are facing the looming impact of Brexit. It is easy to present a plan with promises for the future, you just have to look at the plan to deliver broadband, the timeframe was extended and extended and for many areas it’s still just a promise. Deputy Munster said the plan is big on presentation and gloss, but short on detail and front loading of investment.