Ó Murchú meets Dutch Ambassador in Brexit Visit

Cllr Ó Murchú with Dutch ambassador Adriaan Palm

Sinn Féin Councillor Ruairí Ó Murchú hosted the Dutch Ambassador to Ireland, Adriaan Palm, in a visit to Dundalk on Wednesday 21st August.
Following the visit Councillor Ó Murchú said,
“I met with Ambassador Palm in Dundalk to discuss the possible implications of  Brexit on the people of this constituency and across Ireland.
“The Ambassador had met with representatives of Border Communities Against Brexit earlier in the day and he had undertaken a tour of the Louth Armagh border area.
“I think this visit added to Ambassador Palm’s understanding of the particular issues faced here, the unique nature of the border in Ireland and the implications of the imposition of British jurisdiction in part of this country.
“We discussed Brexit in depth, particularly a slide prepared for British Ministers, which was leaked to the media recently.
“This slide predicts chaos in this country following a no deal Brexit.  Cross border agriculture would practically stop within 24 hours, consumer panic and food shortages are indicated along with friction between EU and British fishing vessels.
“Other leaked documents predict a hardening of the border in Ireland in the event of a no deal.  
“In the short term the partial resolution of these issues is the ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement along with the Backstop.  However there is no good Brexit for Irish interests.
“Boris Johnson has demonstrated that his only real interest is in the maintenance of his own position.  He does not care about the effects of Brexit on Ireland.
“All facets of life in Dundalk and across Louth from business to agriculture and travel will be affected
“In the event of a no deal Brexit there must be a referendum on the border in Ireland and the Irish Government must urgently begin reunification plans.”