Cllr Antoin Watters Incensed by ‘Dirty Dumpers’

Hundreds of tyres were dumped

Sinn Féin Councillor Antóin Watters has hit out at what he describes as ‘dirty dumpers’ following the latest incident of illegal dumping of tyres, this time along the main stretch of motorway just before Junction 20 north of Dundalk, at the old customs weigh bridge.

Cllr Watters said “I got a call early on Saturday morning to say there was a pile of tyres dumped along the side of the motorway. I went to see for myself and to be honest was expecting maybe half a dozen or so and was hoping they would be easily spotted because of the rain. I had no trouble finding them. There was a massive load of hundreds of tyres blatantly dumped on the side of the motorway road.”

Cllr Watters who has been faced with this issue in his area on multiple occasions since

Cllr Antóin Watters

the new year said “to say I was incensed is an understatement. I was speechless. It is like Groundhog Day but this time they didn’t even bother to hide up a mountain road, they pulled up along a busy motorway and they had to have had a truck of some kind.”

“With a heavy heart I contacted Gardaí, the Council and Motorway Maintenance. Somebody must have seen something. I am asking everyone to please try and recall if you were driving along that stretch of the motorway last night if you saw a lorry or truck pulled in. Please check your dashcams, you never know, maybe you were driving behind a truck last night carrying tyres. I have asked Gardaí to check any CCTV along that route, be it from businesses or the motorway itself.”

Last month Councillor Watters had a motion before the Council calling for Cross Border co-operation with Newry, Mourne and Down Council on this very issue. “These people are using the border to their advantage and that needs to be addressed. We need a cross border joined up solution to this cross border problem.”

Tyres dumped along the busy motorway

Next month, Councillor Watters has a further motion on waste disposal to initiate a billboard/advertising campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of using non-licensed waste collectors. “The dumping of heavy duty waste has become rampant in this part of the county and I believe it is from the same small number of criminals, and that is what they are.”

Cllr Watters warned “this issue will be resolved, I am not letting the beautiful part of north Louth become a rubbish tip and Cllr Mickey Larkin in Slieve Gullion is fighting the same battle on his side of the border. It’s time for investment into this problem before it’s too late. It’s not good enough to spend money cleaning up after these dumpers, we need to take a pro-active approach to this and stop citing economics as a reason to do little or nothing.”

“In the meantime, if anyone has any information or has seen anything no matter how insignificant you may think it is, please contact Dundalk Gardaí on 042 93 88 400”

The tyres were set alight (Pic courtesy of LMFM)


UPDATE: On Saturday night/Sunday morning, the tyres were set alight and fire crews were called. They managed to control the blaze and were able to prevent it from spreading.

Cllr Antóin Watters: A Despicable Act by Despicable People

Sinn Féin Councillor Antóin Watters has described a second incident of tyre dumping at Edentubber as a ‘despicable act carried out by despicable people’.

Cllr Watters who visited the site on Sunday said “tyre dumping is threatening to spiral out of control.”

Following on from the dumping of tyres over the Christmas period in Edentubber there has now been another spate of dumping over the weekend.

Cllr Watters said “I visited the site again on Sunday and there has been another load of tyres dumped. Last week at the Dundalk Municipal District meeting I raised the issue of the tyre dumping and requested extra boulders to be placed to stop the perpetrators been able to access the site so easily. This needs to be done as a matter of urgency now.”

“This situation needs to be addressed immediately with a cross community and agency approach to tackle this. In the meantime I would appeal for the community to be vigilant and report anything they see that is suspicious.”

Cllr Flood Calls For Supermarkets to be Pro-active with Trolleys

Sinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood has called for Supermarkets to be more pro-active in collection and monitoring their shopping trolleys. This follows a clean-up of the Boyne River by the Boyne Fisherman’s River Rescue Group.

Raising the issue at this month’s Drogheda Municipal Council meeting, Cllr Flood said “I was astounded at the inordinate amount of shopping trolleys that the Group recovered from the Boyne in their recent clean up. I was even more astounded when I was informed that this was only three months’ worth recovered and that they hadn’t even finished yet”.

Praising the Boyne Fishermen’s River Rescue Group, Cllr Flood said they “do a tremendous service putting their lives on the line to rescue people and then go the extra mile doing a huge service to Drogheda by clearing the Boyne like this. There has to be a change in people’s mind sets. Dumping anywhere is unacceptable but dumping for the fun of it in The Boyne is inexcusable”.

“These trolleys are a serious underwater hazard for swimmers in the river and can also destroy the propellers on passing boats. It is estimated that over 1,000 trolleys have been removed from the river over the past six years.”

Cllr Flood called on Retailers to do more to secure their trolleys when they are closed.

Underwater Hazzard


“If this was a once in a while occurrence then it may seem unfair to point the finger at supermarkets but this is a daily occurrence and the supermarkets do not seem to be collecting trolleys at the end of each day from around the town. The Council will be writing to supermarkets to remind them of their obligation to secure their property and also to remind them of the fines they could face if they fail to do so.”

Forensic investigations of diesel waste dumping needed – Sharkey

Tomas Sharkey PhotoAfter another incident of diesel laundering waste being dumped at Belrobin, Kilkerley, Tomás Sharkey is challenging the authorities to carry out proper forensic examinations of the evidence.

The Sinn Féin Councillor for the area said, “Approximately 6,000 litres of this toxic waste was dumped in the Kilkerley area this weekend. Once again public health and the environment were in danger by the culprits. They have no place in our community.

“This latest incident highlights my growing annoyance that forensic evidence does not seem to be gathered at the scenes of this dumping. I have been to many sites where this waste has been dumped and not once have I seen a Garda Síochána forensics team taking evidence. These cubes must have finger prints on them. Often paint from the van or trailer they were loaded in marks the cubes. There may be tyre tracks from the vehicle that dumped the waste.

“The IBC cubes obviously came from a factory or yard that uses them for their business. Somewhere a business owner must be missing hundreds of expensive cubes.

“I have asked that the Multi Agency approach including county council officials, Gardaí,  Revenue and environmental protection staff give a presentation on how they do their work.

“As a public representative I want to know why forensic evidence isn’t  being gathered at these dump sites. I want to know why the scourge of dumping isn’t being properly investigated and who is making the decision not to take this problem seriously.”

‘Total Rubbish’ Says Jennifer Green

photo (2)Residents of Greenacres have been plagued with continuous dumping in an alleyway at the back of their houses. Sinn Féin Councillor Jennifer Green was shocked when she saw the volume of rubbish left. “It’s disgusting! The smell is overpowering and as a mum, I fear for the children playing in the area as there is quite a number of broken glass bottles along with dirty nappies, general house waste and used condoms. Not only that, but there is also a couch. It beggars belief. The rubbish is scattered the whole way along the alleyway. This type of rubbish attracts vermin and is a health and safety issue to people in the surrounding area.”

Cllr. Green explained “I got the residents on board to do a clean-up of the area which is really above the call of duty for them as it wasn’t their rubbish in the first place. But talking to the residents it’s very obvious that they have great pride in their community and want to do what they can to address this issue and clean the area up. I duly contacted the council to arrange a clean up with the residents only to be told that the council wouldn’t provide us with any equipment and would not help us to take the rubbish away as it was on private ground.”

“This has infuriated me as the council are constantly promoting Tidy Towns (which I am a member) and cleaning up of the town (both public and private). It strikes me as this rubbish is out of sight it doesn’t matter to the council and the people have to deal with it. This is unacceptable. Are the people in Greenacres not entitled to have a tidy and clean estate just because they are not as visible as the town centre?”

Jennifer Green concluded by saying “Sinn Féin are fighting for better provision of public services and this is yet another example of how the council is letting the tax payer down. This is unacceptable.”