The Past Is Our Future

Alan CassidySinn Féin Councillor Alan Cassidy has raised concerns about the lack of maintenance and possible neglect of Drogheda’s historical ruins.

Cassidy said “this is an issue that I have always kept an eye on as I have an interest in the subject. All our ruins in Drogheda are protected monuments and I commend our County’s Heritage Officer who has does stalwart work. With the exception of St. Laurence’s gate the onus to protect these monuments fall on the local authority.”

“However” continued Alan Cassidy, “his hands are tied by lack of funding. The Government needs to see heritage as an asset and not a burden. A prime example of neglect and deterioration in Drogheda is St Mary’s D’Urso or the Old Abbey along the walls at Murdoch’s car park. They are in a sorry state with Goat’s Willow having taken over and sprouting from the tops of the walls. Every year that these weeds go unchecked it loosens the mortar and masonry within the structure.”

The Sinn Féin Councillor also said “every year hundreds of thousands of visitors pass through the Bru na Boinne centre, yet for the vast majority of them the only part of Drogheda they see is the bus depot. Why is there no Bus servicing Mellifont or Monasterboice. We have a town and county rich in heritage, let’s start investing in it and capitalising on it.”

The Irish Government are obliged under the European Convention On The Protection Of Archaeological Heritage, Article 4 (ii) which states ‘each party (Ireland) undertakes to implement measures for the physical protection of archaeological heritage, making provision, as circumstance demand for the conservation and maintenance of the archaeological heritage, preferably in situ.’

The deterioration of St Mary's Abbey, Drogheda

The deterioration of St Mary’s Abbey, Drogheda