IW Attempts to Collect Tenant’s Details And Force Payment Through Rents Must Be Stopped

Imelda MunsterSinn Féin Councillor and Louth County Council’s Housing SPC Chairperson, Imelda Munster, has called on Louth Local Authority not to hand over council tenant’s names and details to Irish Water.


It has been reported throughout the country that Councils will be required to provide details of their tenants to Irish Water and there has been speculation that those tenants who do not or refuse to pay the Water Tax could find the amount added onto their rent accounts.


The Drogheda Councillor has submitted two motions to the next Council meeting in order to stop both these from happening.


Councillor Munster stated “this latest move by Irish Water in demanding that councils hand over the names of their tenants could well be in breach of data protection regulation and local authorities have no role to play in this matter as it is domestic billing and nothing to do with local authority tenancy agreements”.

Cllr Munster explained that “other councils in other areas such as Cork , Dublin , Galway, Limerick, Fingal, Dun Laoghaire and Clare county councils have already stated that ‘tenants registration with Irish Water and water bills were a matter for IW and their customers’. I am calling on all other Councillors to support my two motions to ensure that tenant’s rights are protected under data protection laws and that local authority tenants be afforded the same rights as everyone else in making their own decision as to whether or not to pay this water tax. This amounts to nothing more than bully boy tactics by Irish Water who are doing so with the consent of the government and they must be stopped”.