Cllr Watters Looks Forward to Making Louth a Disability Friendly County

antoin-and-jimNew Sinn Féin Councillor Antóin Watters has hit the ground running as he attended his first full County Council meeting this morning.

The Dundalk Carlingford Councillor who replaced Cllr Jim Loughran on his retirement, hasd a motion before the Council this morning calling for Louth County Council to ‘begin the process of developing a Disability Action Plan for Louth’.

Speaking after his motion was passed, Cllr Watters said “I appreciate that Louth County Council is meeting its legal obligations regarding disability in the county but more needs to be done. I welcome the fact that Louth Council staff are willing to meet with me to discuss my proposals with a view to bringing a report back to the full Council.

“My aim is to improve the day to day life of people with disabilities in Louth. We need people from the public and private sector to get involved and we need to hear from all disability groups as to how we can make this county better for all, how we can make public amenities and areas accessible to all. There are things that I and others can take for granted and not realise that someone with a disability is excluded for whatever reason.

“Cavan County is a ‘Disability Friendly County’ and there is no reason why Louth can’t be also. This is an equality issue and everyone has the right to access public amenties/services/areas.”