Drogheda SF Spend their Discretionary Money on Disability

Sinn Féin Drogheda Councillors, Kenneth Flood, Joanna Byrne and David Saurin have welcomed the completion of a comprehensive list of disability access improvements in Drogheda that they paid to be done through their discretionary fund allocation.

Cllr Kenneth Flood explained “We met with Louth County Council Officials to decide, in collaboration, where the funding would be best spent. It was decided to work through a list of needed disability access improvements provided to us and Louth County Council by The Irish Wheelchair Associations, Drogheda Branch, based in Mayorality Street.”

“In the past two years there have been disability improvement works completed at:

  • Rathmullen Housing estate.
  • The bus stop behind Abbey shopping centre.
  • Mayoralty Street beside Wheel Chair Association
  • Shop Street
  • St. Peter’s cemetery.
  • The Bull Ring at Ollie’s Pub
  • Mayorality Street / Bachelor’s Lane junction
  • Twenties Lane
  • Bog Lane, Off Crosslane
  • Midwifery Education Centre at Hardeman’s Gardens

Cllr David Saurin said “These infrastructure improvement works will enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities making access to footpaths and roads safer for wheelchair users, people on mobility scooters and parents with prams or trolleys. The best part about this list of works is that not one cent from the discretionary funds was spent on planners, reports or bonuses, every bit of it went into the works to benefit the people of the area.”

Cllr Joanna Byrne concluded “We did want the dipped footpaths in the town centre at Peter Street and Fair Street worked on to make them safer for electric wheel chairs users and we were disappointed when we were informed that the council would not be looking at that area. We are happy we could play a part in improving disability access in Drogheda and now we will be examining where next in Drogheda and South Louth we can use our discretionary funds.”

L-R Cllr Kenneth Flood, Geraldine Lennon from Irish wheelchair association, Nicola McDonnell & Cllr David Saurin at the disability access improvements done at St Peters Cemetery, Crosslanes Drogheda.



Cllr Kenneth Flood Calls For Inclusion in Budget Process

Sinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood has called on the Chief Executive of Louth County Council to include Councillors in the budget process.

Cllr. Flood said “during the debate on deciding this year’s Local Property Tax (LPT), Sinn Féin again proposed a 15% reduction, the maximum allowed under the relevant legislation.”

The Chief Executive responded by demanding that if Sinn Féin were proposing any cut in the LPT then they should identify where in the budget it should come from.

Kenneth Flood said “In the pre-budget workshop I had asked questions on the cost to the council of contractors, consultants and third parties writing council policy documents, like the Community Safety Strategy document etc. I did not get that information from the executive. I appreciate there are times when the Council need to employ consultants from time to time but as it is public money being used then the Council is accountable to the public.”

“We in Sinn Féin are more than willing to examine the council’s proposed spending and if the Chief Executive afforded us the opportunity to review the proposed budget in detail, then I am certain that we can identify areas where savings can be made. The process needs to be more inclusive of Councillors from all parties.”

“The LPT is an unjust and regressive tax and we need to ease the burden on homeowners and give families a break.”


Cllr Flood: Inoperable CCTV a major cause for concern

Speaking after the quarterly Local Policing Forum Meeting in Drogheda, Chairperson and Sinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood said that confirmation that the CCTV of the RAPID areas was ‘inoperable’ was a major cause for concern.

Cllr Flood said “The CCTV outside of the town centre is a vital tool in fighting anti-social behaviour, wider criminality and illegal dumping. In recent weeks I have been in touch with the council asking for them to review the CCTV to help fight dumping/fly-tipping. This evening, it was confirmed to me that it was in fact ‘inoperable'”.

“Although we were assured that the system was under review we have not been given a date for the conclusion of that review nor indeed when the CCTV will be operable again”.

“This is simply not acceptable and I will be pursuing the council to finish their review in a timely manner, repair and reactivate the CCTV in Drogheda.”

Cllr Cunningham Welcomes Road Markings on Dangerous Bend at Burley Bridge

Tom CunninghamSinn Féin Councillor Tom Cunningham has welcomed new road markings on the approach to Burley Bridge, Kells Road, Ardee.

Cllr Cunningham said “I raised this issue as a matter of urgency following the twelfth vehicle accident at the bend in just over a year. It is a very unsafe part of the road with a bend in the road from both directions and also two dips in the road. It was obviously built long before we had a fraction of the amount of traffic on the road that we have today.”

Cllr Cunningham was contacted by a concerned resident whose property is along that part of the road. “This lady has had her property damaged on a regular basis by vehicles approaching the bridge either too fast or completely unaware of the bridge until it’s too late. The only protection she has is an old tree at her driveway which has

Latest car accident at the bridge

Latest car accident at the bridge

already been damaged by vehicles hitting it. As a result, she has moved her children to the back of the house so they will at least be safe if a car does plough into her house one night.”

Cllr Cunningham said “I welcome the new road markings that Louth County Council is going to install on the approach from the Ardee side which will warn motorists to slow down at this location.  The Council are also going to consult with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) in relation to a crash barrier at this bend which should afford some protection for the residents.”

From the Meath side showing 100KM

From the Meath side showing 100KM signs

Cllr Cunningham has also asked the Council to write to Meath County Council to ask them to remove a 100KM road sign which is just before the bend on the Meath side which is lulling motorists into a false sense of security and replace it with a ‘Slow Down’ or a ‘Bad Bend Ahead’ sign.

Signs of previous accidents

Signs of previous accidents

Cllr Flood Seeks a Graffiti Free Drogheda for 2017

Kenneth Flood GrafittiSome call it art, others say it’s pure vandalism. Whatever your opinion, there’s an abundance of graffiti in Drogheda with almost every wall in the town “tagged” by someone or other and, judging by the quality, not many of them are artists.

Despite the occasional “something must be done” style utterances from councillors, some of these tags have been in place for many years and, nothing is ever done. Councillor Kenneth Flood though, is getting tough and is looking forward to the town being graffiti-free in 2017.

Following Flood’s motion at the July 2016 Municipal District of Drogheda Meeting calling on Louth County Council to tackle the Graffiti problem in Drogheda, the Council embarked on a clean-up of council owned properties in the town and a comprehensive survey was carried out by Louth County Council’s Community Warden of all areas vandalised with graffiti.

Throughout 2016 Cllr. Flood has been following up this initiative with Louth County Council and at December’s Municipal District meeting it was confirmed that notices had been sent out and Louth County Council would be following up to ensure that the graffiti throughout the town is finally cleared.

Cllr Flood said: “I am hopeful that the work done after my motion and with the news that LCC  have given the commitment to follow through on the survey, that we may finally see, Drogheda, graffiti free in 2017.”  (Taken from Drogheda Life)