Safety Concerns for Old Mellifont Road

alan-cassidy-2Sinn Féin councillor Alan Cassidy has expressed concerns for safety of pedestrians using the Old Mellifont Road.
Commenting Cllr Cassidy said:
“I have been contacted by residents on the old Mellifont Road who have concerns for the safety of pedestrians using the road. The residents also have concerns that motorists are driving with excessive speed. The road is used by locals and tourists visiting Mellifont Abbey, however there are a number of severe bends on the road which if you were unfamiliar with the area are quite dangerous.
“Busses with tourists visiting the abbey are also, in my opinion, driving without taking into account that pedestrians may be around the next bend. Over the years there have been a number of accidents on the road, and in recent weeks there have been a number of close calls.”
“As a result of these concerns I have contacted Louth County Council with a view to improving safety on the road. They have agreed to place road markings urging motorists to slow down before the bad bends. In the new year they have also agreed to erect signage warning motorists of Pedestrians on the road. I will also be seeking that the speed limit be reduced as soon as is practicable.”

Adams expresses concerns at developments at Woodlands Park

DSC_3254_6510Sinn Féin Louth TD Gerry Adams has expressed his “deep concern at developments today at the halting site at Woodland Park in Dundalk.”

Teachta Adams said: “When I heard of the threat to carry out evictions I expressed my concern to Louth County Council and asked the council to use dialogue and arbitration to resolve this issue. The decision by Louth County Council to evict 17 families from the travelling community from Woodland Park Dundalk was unreasonable and unnecessary.

I understand that discussions are ongoing between representatives of the families and the council. These efforts should be given the space to conclude without the threat of eviction.”

Gerry Adams said: “I visited the Woodland Park site in late December following the Carrickmines fire tragedy. There are approximately 17 families currently living on the site including many children, a number of newborn babies and at least one pregnant woman.

There is no mains electricity, no mains water, no sewerage or necessary services on the site. The families raised concerns with me regarding the water safety and a number of other health and safety matters and I have been working with them on these matters

Members of the travelling community have the right to accommodation. There is also a need for a halting site in Dundalk. The Council needs to fulfil its obligations in this respect.”