Joanna Byrne Welcomes Choice Based Lettings

The Choice Based Lettings Scheme for allocation of Social Housing will come into effect on Tuesday 16th May 2017.

All housing applicants will be issued with letters from the housing department of Louth County council from Monday 8th May 2017 informing them of the new system and issuing them with a username and password.

Regular Transfer Tenants will not be issued with username and passwords.

They will be considered for any vacant housing prior to properties being advertised on the CBL system but HAP tenants on the HAP Transfer list will receive login details the same as regular housing list applicants.

Any vacant properties will be advertised weekly on Tuesday mornings at 10.00am and housing applicants will have until 12.00am the following Monday night to submit an Expression of Interest.

We as Public Representatives of the county will have access to this site to see what houses are available for letting on a weekly basis to inform and assist our constituents.

Sinn Féin Councillor Joanna Byrne and Chairperson of The Housing Strategic Policy Committee for Louth welcomes the implementation of Choice Based Lettings for the County.

Cllr Byrne said: ” I welcome the implementation of the CBL process in Louth. This process will not have a dramatic impact on reducing the numbers on waiting lists, the government still need to invest in the supply of more social housing, it will however speed up the allocation process for any stock that becomes available ”