New Green Bin Charges Compounds Illegal Dumping: Munster

Sinn Féin TD for Louth and East Meath, Imelda Munster, has criticised the decision to introduce charges for green bins saying it will lead to less recycling and an increase in illegal dumping.

Deputy Munster said:

“In Louth we have recently seen the decision taken by the CEO of Louth County Council to remove the plastic bottle bank facilities throughout the county despite the fact that they had become hugely popular and successful methods of recycling and awareness.”

“Within days of this happening the entrance charge at the recycling centre was increased. And now we have plans by waste collectors to introduce a new charge on green bin collection on top of existing waste collection charges.”

“We have already witnessed an increase in illegal dumping both in rural and urban areas, and in some cases on public streets in the middle of housing estates, and this new charge is only going to compound this problem even further.”

“It is a lazy policy which will lead to more illegal dumping and less recycling. The government planned this move two years ago but kicked it down the road when there was opposition to the plan. Despite this fact, charges are now to be introduced, with China’s decision to shut its doors to our recycling waste being used as an excuse.”

“People cannot afford another household charge. This is another charge on families which serves no purpose as it will not lead to an increase in recycling.”

“We need to address supermarket and packaging waste and ensure that materials that can be recycled by businesses and households are used in packaging, rather than materials such as plastic wrapping that is now not recognised as recyclable waste for the purpose of green bin collection.”

“Industry has a role to play here. The government can’t solve these problems by slapping yet another charge on hard-pressed families.

Fianna Fáil should join the effort to scrap punitive bin charge hikes – Adams

Gerry Adams SmilingLouth TD Gerry Adams has called on Fianna Fáil “to join the effort to scrap punitive bin charge hikes’.

Teachta Adams said;

“Many people are only now adjusting to the reality that Fine Gael are back in Government; despite the result of the general election. The bin charges debacle has been a sharp reality check. People just cannot afford the punitive hikes in charges. The Government’s plans should be scrapped. Will Fianna Fáil support this?

“The strength of public opinion may force them to do so, but on other issues they have sided with Enda Kenny. Last week for example, they supported the refusal of the Government to accept legislation that would have provided rent certainty for struggling households.

“The Taoiseach is also resisting Sinn Féin’s call for a Commission of Investigation into the sale of NAMAs Northern loan book. Micheál Martin has correctly described the Government’s position as untenable, yet so far he has failed to act or to support the establishment of a Commission.

“So too with the Fine Gael decision to appeal the High Court judgement on the National Monument at the unique, iconic 1916 site at Moore Street. The Taoiseach is siding with the developer and despite their protestations to the contrary, he is being aided and abetted in this endeavour by his partners in the Fianna Fáil leadership.

“The people put Fine Gael and Labour out of office. The people wanted Enda Kenny out of office.

“Yet Fianna Fáil put Fine Gael back into Government. Fianna Fáil returned Enda Kenny as Taoiseach.

“They promise ‘new politics’. But their new politics looks very much like politics of old.

“Fianna Fáil play the part of opposition whilst propping up the the Government. For his part, the Taoiseach knows that Fine Gael will remain in office as long as he honours his contractual obligations with Fianna Fáil. The Dáil, and for that matter his own backbenchers, will have little say in this.

“Little wonder some unscrupulous waste disposal companies are exploiting inappropriate regulations in their own self-interest. Sinn Féin and others are committed to stopping them. Fianna Fáil should put the people first and join us in that effort.”

Adams To Hold Public Meetings On Water Tax

Sinn Féin Leader Gerry Adams TD today launched the party’s new policy document outlining the party’s vision for the future of water services.

Mr Adams also announced details of public meetings in Louth to discuss the negative impact of domestic water charges. Speaking from Louth Mr Adams said:

“The introduction of domestic Water Charges is a tax too far. Sinn Féin’s policy document ‘Axe the tax’ outlines a vision for water services in this State in the time ahead and confirms that if given a mandate to be in government here, Sinn Féin will reverse the Water Charges.

“These charges will only cause further hardship for families already struggling to make ends meet. I encourage everyone who can to attend the public meetings Sinn Féin is organising in the forthcoming weeks on this issue.”

The public meetings will be held:

Monday, 20th October, 7pm. Order of Malta Hall, Mill St, Du­­­­ndalk.

Thursday, 23rd October 7pm. The Barbican Centre, Drogheda.

Axe The Tax DundalkGerry, Kenneth & Imelda

Munster Calls For FG/LAB Councillors To Come Clean On Cost Of Water Charges

Sinn Féin Cllr Imelda Munster has publicly called on local Labour and Fine Gael Councillors to come clean on the cost of water charges with the public and not to be withholding this information until after the local elections in May.

Commenting Cllr Munster said “the Government parties’ representatives need to be upfront with people about how much they will be forced to pay for their water as people will be charged from October of this year.”

Cllr Munster continued “at a time when families are pinned to their collar financially paying for the mistakes of others, people are genuinely worried sick about how much this unfair tax will cost them on top of all the other unjust taxes. FG/LAB representatives need to be upfront with people when they are out knocking doors, about how much we will have to pay in standing charges, usage charges and whether or not we will also be charged for repairs of leaks and burst pipes. After all, they are the parties responsible for bringing in and imposing this water tax on homes and families.”

Councillor Imelda Munster, who is seeking re-election to Louth County Council in May, has called the setting up of Irish Water and the introduction of water tax as one of the “biggest scams we have ever seen. The infrastructure owned by our local councils which taxpayers paid for over the years, has now been transferred to this new quango called ‘Irish Water’. I have no doubt that it will then be privatised down the line and people will face increased bills for water year on year, while this new private company makes millions in profit.”

Cllr Munster was angry as she went on to say, “to add insult to injury the money taxpayers paid for the Local Property Tax which we were told was to provide local services like street lighting, libraries, parks and playgrounds etc has now been used to set up Irish Water. This will mean people will pay three times for their water; firstly in general taxation, then through the public funds being invested in Irish Water and thirdly through water charges. People can expect to be charged from October of this year and can expect to receive the first bill coming through their doors in January 2015.”

Cllr Munster stated that the biggest insult of all is that “from January 1st if you have a problem with your water, pipes, leaks or pressure you will now have to ring a  ‘Call Centre in Cork’ to report any problems. The people of the County will have a chance to ask FG/LAB about all this when they come knocking their door.”