Cllr Pearse McGeough – Mystery of the Dog Poo Bin

Sinn Féin Councillor Pearse McGeough has been trying to solve the case of the missing dog poo bin in Castlebellingham. The bin went missing a number of weeks ago from the entrance to Castlebellingham Children’s playground.

Councillor McGeough said “I had a few dog owners on to me about the dog poo bin not being there anymore and asking it had been moved somewhere else. The majority of dog owners in the Castlebellingham area are responsible owners and used the bin regularly while walking their pets.

“I went down to the playground to see for myself as I thought it may have been vandalised but sure enough, it was gone and not only that but someone had taken the trouble to actually unscrew it from the post to remove it.

“I contacted the local Tidy Towns who do a great job keeping the village looking well but they hadn’t removed it for any reason and indeed, they want it replaced. I then contacted Louth County Council to see if they removed it for any reason  but no, they hadn’t either but they also added that there was no plans to replace it and advised that as long as the dog waste was bagged, owners could dispose of it in public bins.”

Councillor McGeough is calling for the bin to be replaced as it was in regular use and is missed in the village but also said “in all my years as a councillor, I never thought I would be asking people to leave dog poo bins alone and not to be stealing them. What is more worrying is that the contents of the bin appear to have been stolen as well as they certainly weren’t left behind. The mind boggles.”

Cllr McGeough concluded by saying “in this case I am not making a request for the return of the stolen item or its contents.”

Cllr Cunningham Seeks Solar Powered Bins for Blue Flag Beaches

Sinn Féin Councillor Tom Cunningham has welcomed the passing of his council motion seeking the installation of solar powered bins at Clogherhead Beach, Seapoint Beach and Port Oriel Harbour.

The motion was passed at Drogheda’s borough meeting this month and received unanimous support.

Speaking at the meeting, Cllr Cunningham explained that “this would reduce the need to empty the bins so often as the energy from the sun would compress the rubbish within and they would not overflow.”

Cllr Cunningham described the current bin at Clogherhead as a ‘joke’ and said “a couple of cans and it’s full and overflowing and the crows are pulling the rubbish from it looking for food.”

The bins at the blue flag beaches are an issue every year for Cllr Cunningham who is consistently battling to provide extra bins and to get them emptied on a more regular basis during the summer months. “This would solve the problem as these solar bins would not require emptying as often and because of compacting, they hold up to 10 more times the rubbish.”

To address the issue of cost, Cllr Cunningham has sourced the funding of these bins through the ‘Blue Flag’ funding. “The bins at these locations wouldn’t cost the Council anything.”

  • Advantages of Solar Powered Bins
  • The solar powered bins compacts the waste within it and can hold 10 more rubbish.
  • The bins have cloud based software that provides information to the Council/Local Authority when it is full and requires emptying.
  • The bins are climate friendly as well as being more cost effective
  • They are designed to keep seagulls and rodents out through flaps
  • They have pedals so people don’t have to use their hands to open/close them
  • They will lead to cleaner beaches, less overflowing bins and cleaner surrounding areas

Cllr Kenneth Flood Gets Tough on Illegal Dumping

With illegal dumping on the increase throughout Drogheda, Sinn Féin Cllr. Kenneth Flood has been raising the issue at Drogheda Municipal District Meetings over the past months.

Commenting Cllr. Flood said

“The director of services for operations confirmed to me that Louth County Council was disposing of 22 tonnes of waste left at council bins per month. That is an increase of 8 tonnes previously.

“The council have been proactive in attempting to catch offenders who illegally leave domestic waste at public bins by adding a weekend roster of litter wardens and by liaising with the waste disposal companies to ensure that every household in the county does in fact have their waste collected, as they are required to do by law.

“But they have also confirmed that although the litter wardens do examine as much of the illegally dumped waste as possible and fines have indeed been issued to offenders, the amount of illegally dumped domestic waste is just too vast for the litter wardens to examine fully.

“I contend that illegally dumping domestic waste is an affront to our town and countryside. I am aware that the introduction of domestic waste charges has added a financial burden on struggling families, but much of what is being dumped could be recycled at a minimal cost to the householder.

“Louth County Council should initiate a waste information campaign highlighting the fines and penalties that offenders will incur but also listing cost saving measures and Council Sites where recyclable domestic waste can be disposed of cheaply and legally.

“In the past, the council had a magazine called Eco News, that listed all the information any householder would need on properly disposing of their waste, but that was discontinued.

I have submitted a motion for May’s Drogheda Municipal District Meeting asking for this information campaign to be initiated and I intend to follow through until we turn the tide against illegal dumping”.

Link for newsletter

Here is the motion for upcoming Council meeting,

With illegal dumping on the increase in The Drogheda Municipal District, this council will initiate an information campaign, to run in tandem with The Councils increased enforcement efforts,  listing recycling and bring bank centres in The Drogheda Municipal District and what is allowed to be disposed of there, the reintroduction of Louth County Council’s Eco News, and a local media campaign listing the fines and penalties that offenders will incur and detailing Louth County Councils recycling points.


Fianna Fáil should join the effort to scrap punitive bin charge hikes – Adams

Gerry Adams SmilingLouth TD Gerry Adams has called on Fianna Fáil “to join the effort to scrap punitive bin charge hikes’.

Teachta Adams said;

“Many people are only now adjusting to the reality that Fine Gael are back in Government; despite the result of the general election. The bin charges debacle has been a sharp reality check. People just cannot afford the punitive hikes in charges. The Government’s plans should be scrapped. Will Fianna Fáil support this?

“The strength of public opinion may force them to do so, but on other issues they have sided with Enda Kenny. Last week for example, they supported the refusal of the Government to accept legislation that would have provided rent certainty for struggling households.

“The Taoiseach is also resisting Sinn Féin’s call for a Commission of Investigation into the sale of NAMAs Northern loan book. Micheál Martin has correctly described the Government’s position as untenable, yet so far he has failed to act or to support the establishment of a Commission.

“So too with the Fine Gael decision to appeal the High Court judgement on the National Monument at the unique, iconic 1916 site at Moore Street. The Taoiseach is siding with the developer and despite their protestations to the contrary, he is being aided and abetted in this endeavour by his partners in the Fianna Fáil leadership.

“The people put Fine Gael and Labour out of office. The people wanted Enda Kenny out of office.

“Yet Fianna Fáil put Fine Gael back into Government. Fianna Fáil returned Enda Kenny as Taoiseach.

“They promise ‘new politics’. But their new politics looks very much like politics of old.

“Fianna Fáil play the part of opposition whilst propping up the the Government. For his part, the Taoiseach knows that Fine Gael will remain in office as long as he honours his contractual obligations with Fianna Fáil. The Dáil, and for that matter his own backbenchers, will have little say in this.

“Little wonder some unscrupulous waste disposal companies are exploiting inappropriate regulations in their own self-interest. Sinn Féin and others are committed to stopping them. Fianna Fáil should put the people first and join us in that effort.”