Munster Calls for Minister To Meet Residents on Ardee ByPass

Sinn Féin Spokesperson for Transport, Imelda Munster TD, is calling for amendments to the proposed plans for the N52 Ardee bypass following a meeting with the Ardee Residents Committee.

Deputy Munster said:

“Minister Ross announced on 23rd December that the project is now “shovel ready” to go ahead but the residents committee are urgently seeking a review to ensure that the safest methods are employed to maintain continuity of access for the community into and out of Ardee town, while diverting the Heavy Goods Vehicle traffic from the town.

While the committee stress that they welcome the bypass, they are concerned that the realignment design needs to be modified to reflect changing demographics in the area during the intervening 12 years since the plans were originally finalised in 2006. The community understand and support the need for the bypass to join the the N2 but they do not accept that this necessitates the closure of two roads with cul-de-sacs which would permanently block local traffic from travelling two established direct routes in and out of Ardee town. They contend that with innovative engineering there is a safe way to retain both roads open and at the same time achieve the stated objective of the N52 bypass while maintaining through access with other options such as roundabouts, traffic lights, staggered junctions and flyovers/tunnels.

I have requested a meeting with Minister of Transport, Shane Ross and a small delegation from the residents committee to highlight the negative affect the plan as it stands will have on the communities to the north of Ardee town and the bypass.

I do hope the Minister will make himself available to meet with the delegation.”

Pearse McGeough: Littering is a Disgrace

Councillor Pearse McGeough called those who discarded mattresses along the N33 Ardee Link Road “a disgrace.”

Cllr McGeough who visited the site this morning said “someone just decided not to dispose of these mattresses responsibly. There are several of them so they had to be brought here by a van or lorry of some kind. If anyone has any knowledge on those who are responsible for this disgraceful dumping then please let Louth County Council know.”

Councillor McGeough also commended Louth County Council for their quick response in getting the mattresses removed. “It should not be up to Louth Council or indeed anyone else to clean up after someone else. I for one, am sick of paying to clean up someone else’s

Several mattresses at the site

filth. There seems to be an increase in the instances of dumping and that needs to stop.”

“When I arrived this morning the Council were here in the rain clearing the mattresses when they could have been doing something else. Well done to them.”

If you want to report littering or have information on who is responsible for this then please phone the Council’s litter hotline on 1890 202303 or (042) 9335457

Fines for littering can range from €150 – €3,000


Cllr Tom Cunningham: Good News for Ardee Bypass

Sinn Féin Councillor for Ardee Tom Cunningham has welcomed funding that has been made available for the Ardee Bypass.

Cllr Cunningham said “this is very welcome news for the people of Ardee and has been a long time coming. Ardee was forgotten about when it came to the Capital Investment Programme so this is good news to have it included in the midterm review of the Capital Plan.”

“All we need now is a date and timeline for the project.”





Imelda Munster TD Welcomes Reports of Ardee Bypass Funding

Sinn Féin TD for Louth and East Meath Imelda Munster has today welcomed media reports that funding has been made available for the construction of the Ardee bypass.

Deputy Munster said:

“I am happy to hear that Transport Minister Shane Ross has allocated funding for the Ardee bypass. The project was excluded from the capital investment programme originally, and so it is certainly good news for the people of Ardee that funding has been secured.

“I have raised the matter of bypass with both the Minister for Transport on several occasions and with officials from Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII). A commitment was given by TII at a meeting of the Oireachtas Transport Committee last November to include the project in the midterm review of the Capital Plan, and I am glad to see that the Ardee bypass has been allocated funding as part of that process.

“I have written to the Minister seeking further information regarding how much funding is to be made available and seeking a start date and a timeline for the project.

“The local community has been campaigning for the construction of the bypass for many years, with many disappointments and delays along the way. The area has been neglected in terms of investment for too long, and so it is to be welcomed that this project is finally progressing.”

Cllr Tom Cunningham: Ardee Foul Odour Addressed

Cllrs Tom Cunningham, Pearse McGeough & Brendan McKenna at the Treatment Plant

Following several complaints of a foul odour emanating from the Waste Water Treatment Works plant in Ardee, Sinn Féin Councillor Tom Cunningham has received confirmation from Irish Water that there had indeed been an ‘operational issue’ which ‘has been addressed’.

Cllr Cunningham had submitted questions to this month’s Ardee Municipal meeting of Louth County Council who are managing the Treatment Plant on behalf of Irish water but was “disappointed that the Council were unable to answer the questions and were relying on Irish Water to do so.”

Cllr Cunningham contacted Irish Water directly and received an immediate reply assuring him

River Dee showing the offending waste

the odour has been dealt with.

Cllr Cunningham reported “the capacity of the Treatment Plant in Ardee is currently 5,000pe but unfortunately the Plant is being fed 6,000-6,500pe which obviously is overloading the plant and it is unable to cope, hence the problem.”

Cllr Cunningham said “Following further contact with Irish Water, they have confirmed that they plan to upgrade the plant which will see an increase in capacity from 5,000pe to 8,000pe. I welcome this work which should begin over the summer. In the meantime, the odour problem has been addressed and people will be able to open their windows again and enjoy this good weather. Over the next few months with the plant being upgraded, it should be able to cope and we won’t have a repeat of this issue.”