County Grinch Threatens To Cancel Christmas

Jennifer GreenHaving been approached by several people enquiring about the Christmas decorations and lights this year in Dundalk, Sinn Féin Councillor Jennifer Green put the question to the County Manager and was taken aback at her response.

Green said “in previous years the expense from the tree and shortfall from some of the electricity charges from the lights would have been met from the Dundalk Town Council budget. With DTC abolished I wanted to clarify the situation. The reply I got could be interpreted as a threat.

“The reply was that although it wasn’t their intention to change things, the outcome of the LPT being reduced by possibly 15% could affect this and whether we are still going to have money for this kind of activity in the future.”

Councillor Green continued “Where are all the savings Phil Hogan promised with the reform of Local Government? My understanding of this is if we vote to give the people of Louth a break of 15% on their Local Property Tax then Christmas may be cancelled. People are struggling enough and now this. Ridiculous.”