Loughran – These ‘Joyriders’ must be stopped after home damaged

Jim Loughran 7At 3:30am in the early hours of Sunday morning, an elderly couple got a rude awakening when ‘joyriders’, or ‘death drivers’ as they are more commonly known in the north, were speeding past their small cottage in Maxwell’s Row beside the Lisdoo. The driver lost control while doing ‘doughnuts’ and hit their cottage. The driver fled the scene.

Sinn Féin Councillor Jim Loughran called with the couple on Monday morning. Loughran said “they are still very shaken after their ordeal which is understandable. At 3:30am they heard a massive bang and when they got up, a car had lost control while doing doughnuts and hit their home, causing structural damage to the inside and outside of the property.”

Jim Loughran and Sinn Féin Councillor Liz Kimmins (pictured) from Newry held a Liz Kimminsmeeting with Superintendent Gerry Curley last week and this very subject was raised. Loughran explained “we told him how these drivers were causing havoc on both sides of the border. They are intimidating other drivers and we need to get them off the roads. They race along the motorway, go round the roundabouts the wrong way and do doughnuts at different junctions. Sinn Féin are calling for the PSNI and Gardaí to co-operate in taking measures to rid the North Louth/South Down area of this blight.”

An outraged Jim Loughran said “someone is going to get badly hurt or killed. It’s bad enough they are intimidating other road users but now people aren’t even safe in their own homes. We have been very lucky this weekend that the car didn’t go right through the house.”

In the meantime, Gardai have asked if anyone has any information on the incident, to contact them.

Below is a picture of the damage on the outside of the home.

Lisdoo home