Munster Angry At ‘Junket Culture’ Among Government Councillors


Sinn Féin Councillor Imelda Munster is calling for an end to the ‘junket culture’ on the new Louth County Council.

Cllr Munster said “Almost € 65,000 has been lavished on junkets over the last few years by some councillors in Drogheda with Fine Gael councillors alone spending almost € 50,000 of that total. I would ask that all councillors elected on May 23rd put a stop once and for all to this ‘junket culture’ that some have been indulging in over these past four and a half years. People in Drogheda are expected to pay more taxes for less services and these ‘junkets’ are a total waste of their money.”





“The figures below are shocking:

FG Cllr Anthony  Donoghue     19,963.66

FG Cllr Michael O Dowd           11,065.76

FG Cllr Oliver Tully                   14,356.61

FG Cllr Richie Culhane                1945.64

FG Cllr Kevin Callan                     2083.00
These figures show the scandal of the gravy train that some Councillors in Drogheda have been on for the last five years. Councillors from the Fine Gael party along with others, who demand that citizens do without services are the very ones wining and dining on public money .”

Imelda Munster was angry as she said “Families in Drogheda and across Louth are struggling to pay austerity taxes while their local Fine Gael Councillors are wasting their money. There is no need for junkets. Councillors have laptops provided by the Council. They should be informing themselves using local libraries and online resources and not going on junkets to Roscarberry, Letterkenny, Galway, Tralee, Listowel, Dungarvan, Kilkenny and other popular tourist spots while the people in Drogheda who elected them are finding it hard to pay their bills and make ends meet.”

Sinn Féin Cllr Imelda Munster said “this squandering of public money has to stop and I am calling on these councillors to stop this practice of self-serving indulgence with tax payers money.”