Sharkey – Transfer Ridiculous And A Waste Of Money

Cllr Tomás SharkeyLouth Meath Education & Training Board will spend €100,000 renovating a prefab in Drogheda to transfer administration staff, Councillor Tomás Sharkey has learned.

An outraged Sharkey said “at a recent meeting of LMETB, I was shocked to hear that there is a €1million shortfall in funding for local schools. The CEO, Peter Kierans told us that there may not be money for light and heat by October.
“But to add to the ridiculous situation in the ETB, I learned that there is a proposal to spend €100,000 refurbishing old prefabs in Drogheda and then to transfer administration staff from Chapel Street in Dundalk to work in them.
“It is a nonsense in this day and age to waste public money on old prefabs and moving public servants. The ETB is a huge employer and this move will send Human Resources and Payroll functions to prefabricated units in the back yard of a secondary school. I was shocked to learn that the ETB management have not discussed the proposal with planning staff in the local council as there would be a change of use, additional car parking and a significant traffic impact on the Drogheda site.
“I was shocked to learn that the CEO shared his proposal with only one Oireachtas member for Louth and refuses to share the document with board members like myself.
“It appears to me that the good working environment of staff in Dundalk and the taxpayers money are to be sacrificed for the sake of giving Ged Nash TD a political boost when seeking re-election as a Labour Party candidate.”