‘Total Rubbish’ Says Jennifer Green

photo (2)Residents of Greenacres have been plagued with continuous dumping in an alleyway at the back of their houses. Sinn Féin Councillor Jennifer Green was shocked when she saw the volume of rubbish left. “It’s disgusting! The smell is overpowering and as a mum, I fear for the children playing in the area as there is quite a number of broken glass bottles along with dirty nappies, general house waste and used condoms. Not only that, but there is also a couch. It beggars belief. The rubbish is scattered the whole way along the alleyway. This type of rubbish attracts vermin and is a health and safety issue to people in the surrounding area.”

Cllr. Green explained “I got the residents on board to do a clean-up of the area which is really above the call of duty for them as it wasn’t their rubbish in the first place. But talking to the residents it’s very obvious that they have great pride in their community and want to do what they can to address this issue and clean the area up. I duly contacted the council to arrange a clean up with the residents only to be told that the council wouldn’t provide us with any equipment and would not help us to take the rubbish away as it was on private ground.”

“This has infuriated me as the council are constantly promoting Tidy Towns (which I am a member) and cleaning up of the town (both public and private). It strikes me as this rubbish is out of sight it doesn’t matter to the council and the people have to deal with it. This is unacceptable. Are the people in Greenacres not entitled to have a tidy and clean estate just because they are not as visible as the town centre?”

Jennifer Green concluded by saying “Sinn Féin are fighting for better provision of public services and this is yet another example of how the council is letting the tax payer down. This is unacceptable.”