Housing Unit Turnaround Is Too Slow – Alan Cassidy

Alan CassidySinn Féin candidate for Drogheda Alan Cassidy has said that while on the campaign trail “around Drogheda and its environs, the number one issue that people are raising is housing.”

There are currently 98,000 people on local authority housing lists throughout the state with 4,345 of them in County Louth alone.

Cassidy continued “it is incredibly disheartening canvassing in an estate where there are boarded up houses. For example, in Laphin Park in Tullyallen, there is a four bedroom house that has been boarded up since mid-December. Why? Surely it could have been home to a family by now.”Alan Cassidy, from Tullyallen told of how “in one case Cllr Mathew Coogan and I called to a two bed-roomed house in Drogheda with ten people living there. They had taken the drastic step of temporarily partitioning the two bedrooms in an attempt to improve their families’ quality of life. We are not heading towards a housing crisis, we are already in a housing crisis. In Louth, housing applicants have to wait on average seven years for social housing. That’s a disgrace. The Local Authorities should spend money maintaining their own stock instead of wasting that money paying private landlords and the Rental Accommodation Scheme. Local Government have a responsibility to provide an adequate number of affordable homes.

“As revelations highlighted by Sinn Féin Councillor Tomás Sharkey regarding the Housing Department in Louth unfold this week, one thing is clear, a radical and systematic overhaul of structures is necessary. “