Cllr Pearse McGeough seeking Safety Measures for Border Bridge

Sinn Féin Councillor Pearse McGeough welcomed the passing of his motion at this month’s Ardee Municipal Council meeting.

He is seeking safety measures for the bridge which straddles the border between County Louth and County Monaghan which he says “is unsafe in its current state. As you come round the bend from the N2 you come upon it very quickly and there is a hump in the road which can be very deceiving and dangerous.”

Indeed one of the other councillors present admitted that he had at one stage hit the hump.

The Bridge is located on the road between Lannat Cross and Roes Cross and the response Cllr McGeough received was that the bridge is in County Monaghan and therefore falls under their remit.

Cllr McGeough disputed this advising that the bridge is actually right on the border.

Following the meeting Cllr McGeough liaised with his fellow councillors in Monaghan and said “they will raise it at the next Carrickmacross/Castleblayney Council meeting. One way or another, this bridge needs to be at least looked at by engineers and to have safety measures assessed.”

The actual wording of the motion was as follows:

That LCC in conjunction with Monaghan CC should carry out safety measures on the bridge that straddles the border on the road between Lannat Cross and Roes Cross. This bridge is extremely dangerous in its current state.


Louth County Council responded to Cllr McGeough after investigating the location and ownership of the bridge in question and confirmed he was in fact correct in his assertion that it straddled the border between both counties.

Louth Council will lisiase with Monaghan Council to improve safety measures at the bridge and in the meantime, until resources are found to address the issue long-term, extra signage and road markings will be added to prevent future accidents.